Monday, April 14, 2014

Shemar Morrow Silences Critics Nationwide w/ 3.6 GPA

Immediately after 6th grader Shemar Morrow of Ohio scored 53 points in a high level; AAU circuit event (NYBL) in Washington DC; which included  8-three pointers in one quarter and a in game dunk – major national media jumped on the story.  

In what should have been an uplifting moment for Shemar, the Morrow Family, his AAU program, and youth basketball for that matter turned into a microcosm of what remains wrong with America today.  Without knowledge of any sort hundreds of individuals engage in a public lynching of one of the best youth players in America. 

Ignorance is often bliss; but Prolific Performance and its staff is here to end the party.
As a youth focused group P2 takes issue with such behavior and the adults who succumb to the stereotypical notions attached to the African-American athlete.  We challenge anyone to find a similar commentary as was provided in Shemar’s story; on a youth baseball or golf phenomenon whose origins are of America decent.  Why that is, is rhetorical in nature and unfortunately still permeates when positive awe-inspiring events occur at all level of sports and life for many African-Americans still today.

Our commentary is not simply just a finger-wagging at the ruthless and ignorant individuals who posted some of the comments found in the link above ~ we are not only here to show that they were loud; but loud and wrong.   

Our investigative journalist has obtained a copy of Shemar Morrow's most recent report card; which is less than 12 days old as of date of publishing.   

America can now see with their own eyes that Shemar is a true 6th grader attending school in what is publicly noted as one of the top school districts in Ohio.   Further,  Morrow’s skillset is not just on the basketball court – he works just as hard in the classroom; where he has not received a single grade lower than a “B” all year long and where he boast an overall 3.6 GPA.   Qualifications to become an Academic All- American as a college athlete is a 3.5 GPA; Morrow who is poised to reach this level will do so not only with his basketball abilities but also with his academic abilities.  

His success will not be defined by what he can do with a ball on the court as he is equally productive, equally committed, and equally as proud of what he does in the classroom.  Shemar Morrow is an example and role model at this young age and shows a level of integrity that many adults clearly lack; proving once again what happens when people assume!

Enjoy Again Morrow's 53 point NYBL Outburst - EVERY SHOT OF IT! And Come See Shemar silence more critics in person as he plays up 1 years for MSE National Select Team at the King James Classic April 25th -27th; for those who doubted he can perform at that level.  Shemar is taking on all challenges as they come.

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