Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Devin Hightower - Time to Give him R-E-S-P-E-C-T

The best “AAU Program” in the country MSE National Select is not an AAU program at all; so when you see a player suiting up for this group you must pay attention – enter Devin Hightower from Ohio who plays traditional club ball with the Oakland Soldiers; but most recently was sighted at the King James Tournament in Akron, OH playing with the USA National Select Team a year up!

Hightower is a big/strong combo that is also a terrific play maker and underrated scorer. He has shown the ability to attack the rim through contact on the break and in the half court set. Hightower has the ability to simply overpower smaller guards and out quick bigger ones. When Hightower gets his shoulder by a defender on a drive he usually scores or sets up a teammate.  We also like his prowess to advances the ball in transition and convert buckets efficiently in the paint area with either hand. Again, he has very good court vision and is proficient locating open teammates with a very high rate of success and often in prime scoring position. Defensively, he has the potential to be a lock-down defender with his strength and lateral quickness.

Devin was not afraid to run his team and was one of the youngest players on the floor in the King James with a top 2019 squad; he earned the respect of his teammates through his team play and effort.  Devin Hightower is clearly one of the most underrated players in the class of 2020 mainly due to his unselfish nature and his sincere desire to make those around him happy.  In this “me first world” of competitive basketball Hightower is a breath of fresh air; he is the last of dying breed – the consummate teammate.  In the right system he could operate as a primary scoring two or as a playmaking one; why? Because he is coachable and his primary focus his winning – what a concept huh?

When the opportunity presents itself to see Hightower as the primary focus the nation will find that he is a great player in his own right. Stay tuned as Hightower’s best days are in front of him and will be here before you know it. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tyger Campbell – He’s Grrrrreeeeeaaat!

One of the most exciting players to hit the hoop scene in 2014 is Tyger Campbell of the Iowa Barnstormers and WACG All Stars.  Tyger boasts an electrifying handle that often mesmerizes defenders before his blows by them; a little Isaiah Thomas-ish in his approach he can devastate a defender and a team single handedly.  At 5’10 he has the scoring prowess to play the 2-Guard position with lethal effectiveness, displaying a consistent jumper that has very nice range; keeping with the player comparison theme think Kemba Walker.  

Campbell who was not on many pre-season national boards will be vying not only for a national top ranking at his position, but also a high ranking overall as he continues to prove his value for his clubs at both the 2019 & 2018 level.   He is virtually un-guardable in space as he pressures the defense with an advanced knowledge of how to approach the angles and gaps and use them to his advantage.  Combining this with his off bounce game which allows him to be effective from all three scoring levels and also the intellect to make adjustment to attack depths are skills that from a defender or coaching standpoint are very hard to counter and adjust for.

His physical attributes  which normally wouldn’t translate to the next level from a premier “size” perspective needs to be discuss further as his quickness, change of pace, jumping ability, ball skills and overall athleticism are all next level and translate – not AI quick, but we are talking that neighborhood.  This all means that with added height we are likely looking at a top player for years to come.

As a special added gift to any team lucky enough to obtain his services he plays just as hard on the defensive end as he does on offense and with his foot speed and quickness he is very pesky and a difference maker in that aspect.  As well Tyger loves to pass – and does it with great vision and a playground flair; seeing things and making things happen flat out that others can’t.  Bottom-line this kid is a very unique and special player that must be paid attention to moving forward; he is not your dime a dozen point guard; he is something way more than that – he get the Nationally acclaimed "P2 Future Star Guarantee".   

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Makhi & Makhel Mitchell - Keep, Keep Rising to the Top

We have been following Makhi and Makhel Mitchell since their reclassification to the class of 2019. After a quite start the twins have since began a journey to the top of the national ranking boards.  Each standing 6’6 their potential is now starting to clearly shine through.  As we have seen over the years with other twin combo’s; most recently the Harrison brothers, the Plumlee’s, and the Morris twins they too are being drilled in the same school of learning; making it just as hard to tell them apart on the court as off.  The forethought to build their perimeter games exclusively was met initially with a strange curiosity as their height and skill set would have allowed them to dominates opponents as back to the baskets threats – but by sticking to their guns; the situation has transferred the two of them into two of the top players in their class nationally with as much potential and as much upside as any player in the country.  At their current heights as 7th graders in theory; they could transition to the next two level without growing a single inch; intellectually knowing that this isn’t going to the be the case we are likely discussing 6’9 to 6’11 wing with length with the ability to effectively play a perimeter orientated game.

Currently they are both ultra-long but boast weight barring frames that under the proper tutelage will be developed into physically imposing and dominant figures.  Very skilled and becoming more athletic as their foot-speed and quickness improve, they can both also put the ball on the floor and shoot it with range to 17-feet, although inconsistent at this stage, you can clearly see the continued progression and improvement from game to game as they are figuring out how to dominate a game in the interior while displaying the ability to step outside of 12-feet and make things happen off both the catch and shoot and the pull-up mid-range game.  We are also impressed with their unselfish nature and vision that allows them to handle and still find the open teammate; especially now that they are consistently facing double teams each time out.  Their tendency to play in spurts is going away and we are now seeing full game production on both ends – big, mobile, and skilled their long strides allow for lots of defensive make-up ability and they are rebounding on the defensive glass from out of their areas at the same time they are blocking at best case or altering at worse case the oppositions field goal attempts. 

The variety of shots and finishes from the various spots on the floor make their progress scary good when considering they are still 18-months from a high school campus.  Learning to win and making that a standard is also a box that is getting checked off as they have won multiple tournaments/games in recent months – the club is gradually improving their competition level and they performed well at the recent BBall Spotlight event which had some very high level competition.  The only real remaining question is how they will perform on the National stage under those type of lights and pressure – not having done it before; allowing them the opportunity prior to Nationals would be ideal, but if not success may be imminent regardless. 

Clearly we have a set of emerging stars, clearly they are headed to the top positions within their class, clearly they will be making a High School program very happy – stay tuned over the next few years as this clearly is only the beginning for the Mitchell twins.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Shemar Morrow Silences Critics Nationwide w/ 3.6 GPA

Immediately after 6th grader Shemar Morrow of Ohio scored 53 points in a high level; AAU circuit event (NYBL) in Washington DC; which included  8-three pointers in one quarter and a in game dunk – major national media jumped on the story.  

In what should have been an uplifting moment for Shemar, the Morrow Family, his AAU program, and youth basketball for that matter turned into a microcosm of what remains wrong with America today.  Without knowledge of any sort hundreds of individuals engage in a public lynching of one of the best youth players in America. 

Ignorance is often bliss; but Prolific Performance and its staff is here to end the party.
As a youth focused group P2 takes issue with such behavior and the adults who succumb to the stereotypical notions attached to the African-American athlete.  We challenge anyone to find a similar commentary as was provided in Shemar’s story; on a youth baseball or golf phenomenon whose origins are of America decent.  Why that is, is rhetorical in nature and unfortunately still permeates when positive awe-inspiring events occur at all level of sports and life for many African-Americans still today.

Our commentary is not simply just a finger-wagging at the ruthless and ignorant individuals who posted some of the comments found in the link above ~ we are not only here to show that they were loud; but loud and wrong.   

Our investigative journalist has obtained a copy of Shemar Morrow's most recent report card; which is less than 12 days old as of date of publishing.   

America can now see with their own eyes that Shemar is a true 6th grader attending school in what is publicly noted as one of the top school districts in Ohio.   Further,  Morrow’s skillset is not just on the basketball court – he works just as hard in the classroom; where he has not received a single grade lower than a “B” all year long and where he boast an overall 3.6 GPA.   Qualifications to become an Academic All- American as a college athlete is a 3.5 GPA; Morrow who is poised to reach this level will do so not only with his basketball abilities but also with his academic abilities.  

His success will not be defined by what he can do with a ball on the court as he is equally productive, equally committed, and equally as proud of what he does in the classroom.  Shemar Morrow is an example and role model at this young age and shows a level of integrity that many adults clearly lack; proving once again what happens when people assume!

Enjoy Again Morrow's 53 point NYBL Outburst - EVERY SHOT OF IT! And Come See Shemar silence more critics in person as he plays up 1 years for MSE National Select Team at the King James Classic April 25th -27th; for those who doubted he can perform at that level.  Shemar is taking on all challenges as they come.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nobel Days - A New Day is Dawning

Days is a center with unbelievable size. He is long, athletic and runs the floor well and on a consistent basis. He is excellent with his back to the basket in the low post, as well as trialing on the break, and in screen/roll situations where he is becoming a  threat to knock down the 12 to 15 footer.   In today’s game Nobel is a throwback player and his old fashion back to the basket style reminds you a young Tim Duncan.  Whereas many projections relate to Mid or High Major College programs – Days projections consist of pro possibilities.  A member of the class of 2019 Nobel Days stands an imposing 6’9” with extreme length already; he happily focuses on shot-blocking where he displays remarkable timing and rebounding - where he is currently playing exclusively above the rim. Regardless of touches on the offensive end, where P2 believes he can be unstoppable, he happily and continuously plays with maximum effort.  Nobel continues to improve by leaps and bounds the more he plays. He is swiftly improving his speed and timing on both end of the court and impacts the game on both ends in an array of different ways without needing the ball in his hands.  Days is able to outlet the ball three quarters court with a flick of the wrist already and with his dominance on the boards he is responsible for many transition opportunities. The list of qualities also includes tremendously soft hands, a tremendous attitude, and a humble soft spoken personality.  Nobel is a great prospect, but an even better person – quality family, there is no question whatsoever that this will be one of the most sought after prospects in the coming years; again pro potential with added strength and focused work.   There is no one in this class that has this size, no one who possesses his overall post skill set, and no better player at this position than Days.  It would be wise for colleges to put Days on all national boards immediately and  without fail; as good as he currently is, he will only become better with experience verses quality competition. Playing in the highly competitive NYBL he is already being groomed against the best in the nation; the country should be aware and the competition very nervous.  There may be only one way to stop him in the future see below to find out how!