Monday, March 17, 2014

The Big Three of 2020 – Morrow, Walker, Toles

The 3-Man Wrecking Crew of the 2020 Class represents a Clear and Present Danger for the competition in this class.  Standing heads and shoulders above the rest of their 2020 counterparts Shemar Morrow (Ohio), Kyree Walker (Georgia), and Jordan Toles (Maryland) are running rough shot over anyone standing in their way.

Kyree Walker has the size, skill, and mental make up to dominate any game he plays in and to do so in an array of different ways – as a scorer, rebounder, passer, and defender.  Standing over 6 feet already his frame is pro-ready; driving to the basket he punishes his opponents offensively but still has the speed, footwork, and grace to leave a defender standing in place as he drives to the basket.  A threat from the perimeter in all aspects, Walker has shown immense ball-handling skills, a consistent shooting stoke, and creativity off his penetration; which we believe is due to him being well seasoned and well-travelled in the basketball world.  This is not a local product or star Walker is a national force that must be paid attention to. 

Jordan Toles who came onto the scene last summer after a magical showing at the MSE Camp in Md. grabbed the spotlight and hasn’t relinquished it since.  Now a nationally known commodity every scout that has seen him walks away impressed.  More of a scorer then a shooter he puts pressure on the defense on all 94-feet of the court.  Devastating in transition and as a finisher; he handles like a guard, rebounds like a big, and passes well out of double teams.  His skills are being developed in the tough Maryland/DC market that continues to produce some of the nation’s best talent at all grade levels; making his meteoric rise even more impressive.  Too big for guards, too quick for bigs, and too athletic for almost anyone in the country he is unstoppable for long stretches of games, ultimately we believe there will be very few answers for Toles regardless of the situation.  
Shemar Morrow is the current king of the hill and the centerpiece of the 2020 Mount Rushmore of superstars.  Morrow simply plays the game on a completely different level; his dominance cannot be questioned and frankly at this juncture there is no way in which to stop, contain, or slow this player down.  He is deadly from beyond the stripe, shoots a video game percentage from mid-range, and makes it look as if he is playing on a nerf rim vs. 2nd graders in the paint.  His approach to the game is next level; and until you see him play live you really cannot have a true appreciation for where he is developmentally and we mean maturity wise as well as basketball wise.  Dunking from a standstill position, catching in game alley-opps, and making posters in transition he is high school ready right now and could dominate many at that level.  A knockdown shooter as well, we have a hard time  in comparison to players in this class, finding a weakness in his game; we must measure and judge Morrow by a different standard to find chinks in his amour.  Unfortunately for the competition we are certain Morrow will continue to improve and get better.  Traveling throughout the United States Morrow is becoming more seasoned as each week goes by; already advanced in every aspect including his IQ we are witnessing a High Major Superstar Develop right in front of our eyes.  Everyone in American must give this player top billing now and in the future as he could be the top player in any class right now.

In conclusion, it is rare to have 3 players in a class with this type of ability and it is a pleasure to follow and watch and to debate.  What there isn’t any debate about is that these are the 3 best, they will with dedication in the class room and continued work in the lab be Mid to High Major players and yes we can see this in 6th grade.  The only questions remains is if they will take their respective talents to MSE National Select and give all of us a treat by playing together.

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