Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jaden Springer - Starring in "Its a Family Affair"

Those who say that basketball is in Jaden Springer’s blood aren’t exaggerating much. His father was a three time All-American and a former draft pick of the Philadelphia 76ers. Gary Springer was a McDonalds All-American in High School and went on to star at Iona University, eventually landing in the school’s Basketball Hall of Fame. And if there’s a basketball gene, he certainly passed it down to his son Jaden.  Jaden is also related to Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Year DeAndre’ Bembry (6’6”) who currently plays at St. Joe’s University, further cementing his projections, as this family has the right recipe for basketball success on a very high level.  

Since his introduction to the AAU circuit Springer has played up one to two grades sharpening his skills verses bigger and stronger competition.  In 2014, Springer finally has had an opportunity to compete with his actual age group and he has burst onto the scene with a vengeance – standing 5’7 already; with a family lineage of multiple 6’6+ relatives,   Springer is poised to make his mark on the class of 2021 right now.  A naturally unselfish player Springer can score with the best of them by penetration, drawing the foul - as he is an excellent free throw shooter, grabbing an offensive board, perimeter shooting, defensive steals and transition finishes.  You name it he scores in it - half court and full court, one on one, iso, sets, and broken plays; with a full throttle motor he is difficult to contain and define.  Him having a “bad game” doesn’t often exist as he contributes in so many area’s while not dominating the ball. That which may be deemed a down day too many, very well may be a by design and productive performance by Springer standards.  This type of players measures success differently than most in youth basketball because he understands the science of the game and the end game, winning.  Don’t get in twisted by any stretch he can score with anyone in the class basket for basket as he is just as potent as any player, but he understands already how to positively impact the game in other ways and when to turn on the “get buckets switch”.  

Jaden also guards his position; as a matter of fact he guards all the positions, well!  He is what would be considered a “lockdown” defender giving just as much effort in that facet of his game as he does on the offensive end.  We have seen and heard of many players in many age groups throughout the years and the true testament of value as it relates to national player standing is the respect of opposing players and coaches – at this young age Springer has this and he has it from P2; we and nation respect Jaden Springer his game and all that he brings to the table. This is without a doubt a very special player and will be for years to come.


  1. going to be a star

  2. Alaysia SwedenburgOctober 3, 2014 at 3:32 PM

    I went to Elementary School with him. We went to Idlewild Elementary School. Our moms worked together at Wachovia and then Wells Fargo. We was bestfriends when we was little!