Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Erik Reynolds II - Cream of 2021 Class Rises to Top

Reynold II is one of the best kept secrets in the nationally renowned Team Glory Program out of Washington, DC. Erik is making his mark on the class of 2021 by displaying obvious star qualities. He is long and athletic with an already strong body that will only continue to fill out as he continues to add height; likely topping out in the 6’5/6’6 range.  He is very smooth with the ball in his hands, able to make plays north to south as well as east to west both off the bounce and with the pass.  Already a great passer, Reynolds II consistently exhibits excellent court vision and is a good decision maker, all the while boasting potentially one of the biggest upsides in the class of 2021 long-term. With the ability to play the 2, 3 or 4 he can space the floor as a shooter with range beyond the 3-pont arch and is effective working off the high-post, block, and short corner.

When speaking about Reynolds II and any other Glory player for that matter – Erik has been tested well beyond his local area circuit.  Team Glory plays one of the nation’s toughest national schedules; which bodes well for their player’s development and specifically referencing Erik; means that he will continue to sharpen his skills against the best competition available.  By virtue of this Reynolds II immediately becomes one of the primary players to watch in this class by High School coaches and College’s looking to establish an early relationship.  P2 having projected players even younger then Reynolds accurately; see’s with a continuation at his current rate, meaning dedicated work in the gym, a D1 mid to high major offer in his future.  The conclusion is simple, best program + best coaches + best schedule + talent = BEST PLAYERS. 

Period Dot.

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