Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kent Hairston, Ohio - Never too Young for Stardom

Tiger Woods was deemed a star in the second grade – proving it is possible to make an analysis on the future potential of an athlete.   

Enter Kent Hairston of the Central Ohio Sports Club; as a 2nd grader (2024) ALREADY standing 4’10, Hairston has been exclusively trained as perimeter player displaying ball handling and penetration skills that will make him a tough stop for years to come.  Kent is one of the few players in the country that we have seen at this size with this mix of skills; combine this was an ability to actually shoot off the dribble already and you can see why we are viewing already as a top national prospect for his class.  Hairston who works with some of the top trainers in his region and plays AAU you with both 3rd and 4th graders already; is being groomed to dominate on both ends - giving just as much effort defensively as he does on offense.  A man-child with skills Kent Hairston is destine to be added to the long list of top Ohio products as well as be a prominent national presence for years to come.  Prolific Performance is letting the country know now that this left-hander will be a force to be reckoned with.

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