Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jaden Johnson AKA "The One"

Jaden Johnson is an extremely mature and poised basketball player for his age. He has competed and won at the national championship level already; a big lead guard who can actually play all 5 positions has the unique ability to make the players around him better no matter what is being asked of him.   Johnson has consistently been left out of the top positional player discussion for good reason – he isn’t the top 1,2 or 3; Jaden Johnson is the top player in the country in his class. Prolific Performance sees his natural progression into that of a scoring combo guard; he consistently excels at using his physical tools to dominate opponents often trapping his defender on his hip after turning the corner and being very precise with his feet while intelligently using angles.   As a scorer Johnson displays a sweet shooting stroke and can knock down jumpers all over the floor with range past the arc. He works the floater when he gets deep in the lane where he is just as likely to deliver the ball to an open teammate when he draws multiple defenders as he is to score over each of them.  Prolific Performance takes the top spot in a class very seriously and we have consulted multiple experts who agree that Jaden Johnson is the most complete and versatile PLAYER in the class of 2022 by a significant margin. Period Dot.   


  1. If you are impressed with his ability, You should see his work ethic. He puts in phenomenal gym work. So Proud of this young Dude.

  2. Not only is he great on the court, academically is also phenomenal.

  3. He go my school
    annapolis middle school