Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Terrence Williams - Terribly Tough to Stop

Williams has a great combination of size, power and finesse. He can step out to 18-feet and knock down the shot or go inside and impose his will. He's explosive around the rim and uses his thick frame and impressive array of moves and lift to convert in traffic over the competition.  Runs the floor extremely well and finishes equally as well facing up as with his back to the basket; has size in his bloodlines and looks like a future stretch 4 with high end potential all over the floor.  Especially effective from the low wing and high post off the dribble; we have even seen him knock down the open three with time and space especially when trailing the play on the break. Terrence moves well without the ball, is very patient and unselfish and has been a vital part of some of the top teams nationally for years.  For Williams the future looks extremely bright -  long arms, big hands, and large feet he is a prospect that should be on everyone list. He is an excellent rebounder and has natural instincts for the game make him one of the most skilled players for his size in his class. He rebounds well out of his area and is a difference make for every team we have seen him play with.  Prolific Performance see Terrence as a future stretch 4-man with a big time upside especially if he is able to convert to the perimeter 3 position.  Start this name and watch this player as he remains in the top of class year after year with on court production and hard work.

Jaeden Mustaf is Filling Dads Footprints

How do you build a future star basketball player?  Start with NBA bloodlines – check. How about height in the family? Does a 6’10 work for you?  Attitude; that of assassin, well you have just described 4’7, (yes 4’7) 3rd grade guard Jaeden Mustaf, son of former New York Knick and Maryland Terp Jerrod Mustaf.   Already he is a cold-blooded assassin that has the full package of offensive weapons at his disposal and plays without fear of failure. He has range beyond the 3-point line already and uses the jab-step as well as a seasoned veteran.  Mustaf is highly skilled and fundamentally sound. He already understands the games nuances and takes advantage of positioning and angles to make it look easy. He gives full effort and disregards his high-profile family name and just goes to work when the game begins.  Is third grade too young to measure future success?  This player will prove why stardom can be seen over a decade in advance with the trained eye of Prolific Performance Basketball.  Top national player for years to come – literally you heard it here first!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Richie Greaves is the N-Word

Richie Greaves is straight up "NASTY"; with a game that must be seen and not read about - Greaves has the unique ability to make the players around him better.  Quick and smart Greaves operates with a pass first mentality although he can knock down the open shot with range - from beyond  the arc, off the catch and shoot, and the bounce Richie is dangerously effective. He has also proven to be an excellent ball handler who loves to attack with the left off a multitude of  sensational crossover moves. With range to 22 feet, this combo guard who plays the point equally as well, is under control and makes good decisions. He has added strength in the past year and can make shots with contact and break down defenses in both the half court and in transition.  Watching a multitude of players nationwide sometimes a player just has “it”; often “it” can’t be described but in this case “it” can be seen – a stat sheet stuffer; "you look back and don’t remember how bad he hurt you during the course of the game" stated a Coach at a recent event when discussing Richie.  An excellent Free Throw shooter as well Richie Greaves is far from just a SHOOTER - Greaves is a prime-time SCORER without a doubt.  Prolific Performance does not deny Richie’s ability to play the point, because he has clearly proven he can – but a player with his ability should be free to attack so we see Greaves as a future combo guard but playing as a primary scoring option – DOES ANYONE SEE A LITTLE BOB SURA in Richie Greaves?

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Richie Greaves Highlights

 Bob Sura Highlight Comparison 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Zeb Jackson Titan of T-Town

Zeb Jackson is one of the more unique prospects to come out of the mid-west in quite some time. He is a rangy pure point guard prospect with long arms. His vision is impeccable as is his savvy. He advances the ball as well as any guard in his class in the country and is just as happy to set up a teammate as he is to score the ball.  Boasting an overall solid skill set, one of Jackson’s best attributes is putting the ball in the basket; Zeb has shown the ability to score on slashes and pull ups, as well as creating space for himself and his teammates by shooting a high percentage from behind the 3-point arch.  Defensively, Zeb has shown the potential to be a lock-down defender and competing against the best guards nationally will only improve his status in this area.  Exhibiting poise well beyond his years Prolific Performance sees Jackson as a future lead guard who can score as needed; our staff understands Zeb will be playing with the National Select Team which will only further expedite his growth as a player and have him trending up the rankings sooner rather than later.  Jackson is a player to keep your eye on and is on the cusp of stardom, with a solid work ethic and a great support system his best days on the court are ahead of him.