Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sarmartine "Fatman" Bogues - Whose your Grand Daddy?

Recognize the name?  Well watch the second generation point guard Sarmartine ”Fatman” Bogues out of Baltimore (Grandson of former NBA PG Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues) and you will recognize the game the as well.  A true point guard in every definition of the word, Bogues has the ball on a string, is strong and able to take contact - he likes it when the stakes are at their highest.  Able to read and play pick and roll basketball already he can take on the role of facilitator or primary scorer.  Penetration is unstoppable at this stage often leaving his competitors on the floor literally.  Those who do not believe that success can be predicted at this young age, Prolific Performances dares you to follow the rise of “Fatman”  - his shooting form is solid and he can stroke it from 19’9 and in.  A top player on the national stage already Bogues proves himself each time out.  He has the genetics and he has what it takes to be a future star…too young? How about how schools contacting him already – Enough said.

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