Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ian Golden Jr. Oklanhoma's New Thunder

Class of 2021 Ian Golden Jr. is a multifaceted scoring guard with lead guard passing skills.  Ian sees the floor extremely well and spaces it with both positioning and by extending the defense with his exceptional range.  He shoots the ball well from beyond 21 feet.  He is also savvy rebounder who is able to take the ball off the defensive rim and finish at the other end but has no issue with finding an open teammate with a better shot.  Golden is a two way player, who enjoys playing aggressive defense and causes havoc with his tough on the ball skills.  Against tough competition Ian has had to dominate the ball and the scoring to keep his team in the game – but this is not is make up; Golden has tremendous scoring ability but is a pass first player.  Prolific Performance looks at Ian at this juncture as the definition of a combo guard; not a natural point but someone who can handle the duties in situations and can score anywhere on the floor in the half court and in transition.  The release point on the jump is somewhat low and will have to be adjusted sooner rather than later as well as scoring off the dribble.  We feel confident that this will develop as he spends more time on the circuit playing in more challenging events. 

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