Sunday, January 26, 2014

Brayden Gault will not be Outworked

Gault is a relentless worker with phenomenal footwork, clearly honed from hours of work in the gym.  Breyden is an old fashion bull strong post presence.  Mom and Dad both played collegiately so basketball is in the genes; he works with a high level basketball IQ and strong fundamentals – combine this with an exceptional work ethic he is a player every coach loves to have on their roster.  Dominant on the boards, especially on the offensive end he is a player that doesn’t need plays run for him to stuff the stat sheet.  We have seen a strong propensity for Gault getting to the line due to his positioning and effort.  He will step out to the perimeter, but we consider him most effective on the block and from 12 to 15 feet.  His footwork is advanced for his age, better than many high school players and some college players already – this allows him to play a traditional back to the basketball at his height and be very effective.  Good news for Brayden and bad for the basketball community his parents both have height and 6’7 for Gault seems to be realistic.  This is a player to watch; with continued improvement to his overall game, as we already know he will not be out worked on the court, Prolific Performance see Gault already as Low DI prospect at the Forward position.  Ability to extend range and handle will open more doors for him the coming years.
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