Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sarmartine "Fatman" Bogues - Whose your Grand Daddy?

Recognize the name?  Well watch the second generation point guard Sarmartine ”Fatman” Bogues out of Baltimore (Grandson of former NBA PG Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues) and you will recognize the game the as well.  A true point guard in every definition of the word, Bogues has the ball on a string, is strong and able to take contact - he likes it when the stakes are at their highest.  Able to read and play pick and roll basketball already he can take on the role of facilitator or primary scorer.  Penetration is unstoppable at this stage often leaving his competitors on the floor literally.  Those who do not believe that success can be predicted at this young age, Prolific Performances dares you to follow the rise of “Fatman”  - his shooting form is solid and he can stroke it from 19’9 and in.  A top player on the national stage already Bogues proves himself each time out.  He has the genetics and he has what it takes to be a future star…too young? How about how schools contacting him already – Enough said.

SUPERSTAR ALERT: Scottie "The Future" Lewis America's Next Big Thing

360 Dunks are not usually in a 7th graders rapporteur; but Scottie Lewis is not your typical 7th graders.  Lewis who recently relocated from Georgia to New Jersey is our fastest rising player jumping over 40 spots into the top 10 in his class of 2019.  A raw talent when first evaluated, Lewis has blossomed into an unstoppable force – standing at a true and legit 6’4 with a Durant like wingspan Lewis has expanded his game dramatically.  A strong handle and next level finishing skills make him scary in transition; dangerous around the basket with both hands he is not afraid of contact and will go over you if the situation necessitates…he is one of a handful of players who can do this at this level consistently.  Scottie continues to improve on his jumper and we see his mechanics improving each time out, he is fluid off the catch and impossible to stop off the bounce with this length and high release point.  Still humble Scottie plays both ends of the floor with equal effectiveness changing shots, blocking shots, and playing the passing lanes.  Prolific Performance believes Scottie has only begun to fulfill his enormous potential and has all the tools to become the #1 player in his class, with his size, athletic ability, and the versatility of his skill set coupled with a frame that looks to be able to handle more weight (size 16 shoe already) – Lewis will be sought after and feared for many years to come.  At P2 we believe that Lewis will be a future two guard and one of the best in the country for years to come. 

At Prolific Performance Lewis will be known to us as "The  Future".
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ian Golden Jr. Oklanhoma's New Thunder

Class of 2021 Ian Golden Jr. is a multifaceted scoring guard with lead guard passing skills.  Ian sees the floor extremely well and spaces it with both positioning and by extending the defense with his exceptional range.  He shoots the ball well from beyond 21 feet.  He is also savvy rebounder who is able to take the ball off the defensive rim and finish at the other end but has no issue with finding an open teammate with a better shot.  Golden is a two way player, who enjoys playing aggressive defense and causes havoc with his tough on the ball skills.  Against tough competition Ian has had to dominate the ball and the scoring to keep his team in the game – but this is not is make up; Golden has tremendous scoring ability but is a pass first player.  Prolific Performance looks at Ian at this juncture as the definition of a combo guard; not a natural point but someone who can handle the duties in situations and can score anywhere on the floor in the half court and in transition.  The release point on the jump is somewhat low and will have to be adjusted sooner rather than later as well as scoring off the dribble.  We feel confident that this will develop as he spends more time on the circuit playing in more challenging events. 

Brayden Gault will not be Outworked

Gault is a relentless worker with phenomenal footwork, clearly honed from hours of work in the gym.  Breyden is an old fashion bull strong post presence.  Mom and Dad both played collegiately so basketball is in the genes; he works with a high level basketball IQ and strong fundamentals – combine this with an exceptional work ethic he is a player every coach loves to have on their roster.  Dominant on the boards, especially on the offensive end he is a player that doesn’t need plays run for him to stuff the stat sheet.  We have seen a strong propensity for Gault getting to the line due to his positioning and effort.  He will step out to the perimeter, but we consider him most effective on the block and from 12 to 15 feet.  His footwork is advanced for his age, better than many high school players and some college players already – this allows him to play a traditional back to the basketball at his height and be very effective.  Good news for Brayden and bad for the basketball community his parents both have height and 6’7 for Gault seems to be realistic.  This is a player to watch; with continued improvement to his overall game, as we already know he will not be out worked on the court, Prolific Performance see Gault already as Low DI prospect at the Forward position.  Ability to extend range and handle will open more doors for him the coming years.
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Elijah Hardy repping "The Town"

Prolific Performance has no East Coast bias, especially when face to face with Oakland, Ca. point guard Elijah Hardy.  One word can describe Hardy’s game…”Nasty”; Elijah plays with an edge – possibly due to the lack of respect he has received nationally.  In evaluating Hardy we were impressed by his motor, his baseline to baseline speed and his deceptive sideline to sideline quickness.  Combine this with his creative and unique handle Hardy can play with anyone in this age group on either coast.  We were impressed with his court vision, his EFFECTIVE Showtime flare to passing and his willingness to share the ball as a pass first approach even in an all-star setting.  Some of the passes we have seen him make remind you of another famous West Coast point guard.  Make no doubt about it Hardy does possess scoring ability, especially at the bucket where he is an excellent finisher but also on the perimeter.  The lefthanders stoke consistency (shooting the same shot every time) needs work and his range must be extended especially off the bounce, but with such a quick first step, the respect his court vision garners, and the handles he exhibits he is often shooting with defenders on their heels anyway.  His natural ability to see the court and superior passing has Prolific Performance slating him as a point who can take on scoring responsibility and defend the position at the next level.
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Killing'em in Capitiol City

This is a player that P2 flat out loves.  Tyler Brelsford out of the DC Metro area is a well-seasoned, highly touted Combo Guard.  Prolific Performance views Brelsford as a future scoring point at the next level.  Brandishing a deft handle Tyler plays a controlled game displaying a strong ability to run a team and provide whatever is needed for their success.  His intelligence allows him to play the angles and pick his spots; delivering passes other wouldn’t try and beating his man to his preferred scoring zone.  With a canny knack for finishing with a wide array of moves around the basket Brelsford is a demon in transition.  Sometimes streaky with his shot, we have witnessed an improvement in the consistency of his shooting stroke and in turn his percentages.  He uses his long wing span to extend the defense and is able to man up against smaller and quicker guards.  A sure fire Division I candidate, his height and his willingness to engage physically will be the determining  factors as to what level – majors are already looking at this future next level star.
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