Thursday, September 15, 2016

Top Under the Radar Players Who Will Soon Be Household Name

Jalen Bradberry (NY-2021) - Is a shifty, strong shooting guard with excellent ball skills and deep shooting range off the catch or bounce.  Bradberry does a great job creating space off the dribble to get his shot off, and is also a very good passer when he draws a second defender.  Compact quick release shooter with solid mechanics, high IQ, with length – has tools and a viable skill set for high level future success.  We wanted to see more against the best in class; but has rated high each time we have graded him.

Juan Reyna (TX-2021) - A rangy combo guard prospect that possesses a nice combination of facilitating and scoring. He has long arms, sneaky functional speed and quickness, and he is explosive scorer in transition where is very efficient in working his mid-range game. He always has his head up in transition for the look-ahead pass and he can score bunches. He loves to work off the one/two dribble pull up and is extremely fundamentally sound.  Plays the game the right way; once he has a full understanding of how to be equally effective playing off the ball and utilizing screens, pin-downs, and making reads off cuts he will expand his game and become even scarier.  A player who is built for the next level stylistically.  

Kamal Francis (MD- 2022) – is a big wing with great length and a consistently improving skill set. He has equally long arms and legs and while he plays mostly as a three now, he has the chance to develop into a combo guard down the road. He can score around the rim, has the ability to knock down the three, and shows a solid middle game.  Rebounds exceptionally well for his position and possesses a high IQ and court vision.  Very complete multi-category contributor who is good in many areas, needs a dominate skill to take the next step into the upper echelon of players in the class.

Tevon Tapper (NY-2022) – has the potential to be one of the elite point guards in his class nationally. The slick ball-handler has a nice frame with long arms, broad shoulders, and he's a good athlete. He has a nice burst off the dribble to get separation from his defender and he'll drop off the nifty pass in a second.  He can score the rock and has your typical NYC attitude, handle, and toughness to boot.  Still growing in statue Tapper steps up his performance when the competition gets tougher – this is a player to watch due to the fact that he does what needs to be done when it needs to be done; a player that finds a way to get the bucket, the steal, the assist when it needed most.  Can be the primary scorer if need be as well as run your squad.

Wilfredo Amaro (TX -2021) - A long armed combo forward who shoots it very well but also has the ability to play the baseline and take advantage off the block. He handles with both hands and displays vision and unselfishness as he looks to get his teammates involved. His shooting range is impressive as it extends out to 22 feet. He is a natural shooter/scorer who plays both ends and makes an impact on the defensive end.  Size/Strength/Size combination that’s very attractive, complete player who is very productive – confidence is growing and with a high motor and excellent work ethic Amaro is a name you will hear again.

Rasool Diggins (PA -2021)  - Arguably one of the most complete players we saw at any class.  Unknown when he walked through the door, every professional in the building pointed to Diggins as a prospect to watch given his combination of skill and production.  Rasool is a long and athletic attacking wing that care score in a variety of ways. He finishes in the paint on the break. Gets to his spots, hits rhythm dribble pull up jumpers and threes when his feet are set. He rebounds well for a perimeter player, passes with vision, defends, and is a well-conditioned high motor payer that plays the game 94-feet.   A true basketball player who like other does many things well and once he introduces his dominant skill he will rise even higher on radars.  His impact on the game in undeniable and he makes an impression each time you see him and its done by playing the game the right way and making the right play.

Julius Ellerbe (DC – 2021) - Has a tough take no prisoners approach , possesses a very quick release on a jumper to 23-FT and is also an exceptional  athlete for the forward position.  A Pitbull and earless competitor who has all the basketball tools to succeed. He has established himself as a tenacious rebounder and he plays with a never ending motor. Comfortable and confident in both a fast paced game or a grind it out affair Ellerbe displays versatility and his productivity level is high when he focused and mentally locked in – taking plays off or making the easy play had defenders breathing a sigh of release; has the ability to evoke fear in defenders and the mastery of the game between the ears will define how high his trajectory will fly and he has just as much or more potential than anyone in the country in his class.  He has super star potential.

Quinn Clark (VA-2022) - An imposing physical presence (6’4) in the paint, long (seven-foot wingspan) and strong with good size, movement, and natural power – and he potentially still growing. He's now starting to grow into his body and consequently becoming more athletic on a consistent basis. He's a consistent shot-blocking threat and also a power finisher in the paint – great hands, passer out of the post and is functional back-to-basket and facing up.

Anthony “Ace” Valentine (MD – 2023) - is one of the better looking point guard prospects in the country, regardless of class. He is a scoring lead guard with a solid frame (good length), athleticism  and a high basketball IQ. His ultimate strength is his ability to knock in shots, get from foul-line to foul-line, and pressure the defense. He can convert jump shots out beyond the stripe, has a pull up floater package, and will is a bigtime shot taker and maker.  Mark this kid down he’s up next without question.


 Anthony Seoage (NJ -2023) – was one of the most pleasant surprises in the camp; a baby faced assassin has the smile and nice demeanor until the ball is tipped. Seoage is a gamer who is jitty-bug quick that is a terrific play maker. He attacks the defense constantly through contact on the break and in the half court set.  He out quicks wing players, shoots when space is given, and dishes to the open man and plays with a little flair as well. When Seoage gets his shoulder by a defender on a drive he usually scorers or at minimum makes something happen for a teammate.  More of scoring lead, the pure PG aspects are there and his combination of both will make him very special.

Blake Harper (DC-2024) -  has great size and length is super quick and easily functions as a high end combination guard that gets it done and excels on the break.  He is an efficient high IQ player that makes plays in the half court with pull ups and slashes in between defenders. He is a rhythm scorer that can put up numbers in a hurry when aggressive and doesn't worry about his position he is simply a basketball player and one that will be in the national conversation for a long time to come.

Anthony Saunders (VA-2024) - is a tough and durable scoring wing with terrific endurance. He has a physical style on both ends of the floor and yet can still play all day without showing signs of fatigue. He's a high level defender, capable of locking up on the perimeter, and also a very capable scorer who has an array of finishes, is creative, and a solid shooter both off the bounce and catch.  Very complete player who consistently comes back looking better and with more skills, his continuation on this path at this age equates to a player with a very solid future.

Jack McFadden (NY -2021) – Is  a rangy combo-guard with long arms and he's a very good athlete. He is an excellent point guard prospect due to his length, quickness, and playmaking ability. He is a prolific jump shooter with range out to 21-feet. He gets great lift on his shot and his very fundamentally sound but has some shiftiness to his game. McFadden  is a relative unknown outside the upper Northeast, but that will soon change come Jack has the physical tools to be a high-major player. He has the ability to score from all three levels. He can knock in the 3-point, create and shake his way into the mid-range, and is creative and strong going to the paint to finish.  Our measurable/evaluation of Jack indicate that McFadden has bigtime potential; he is a lights out shooter off the catch and dribble. He is an excellent passer with a terrific feel the game. He attacks and plays with great energy and urgency as well he shows a high IQ.  Making sure he defends what he is the final piece that will secure the bright and exciting future he has ahead of him.

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