Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Guilty on all Charges - Dee Morton Charged with Assault and Battery on the Class of 2022 National Rankings

A lot can change in a year; new players arrive, they grow, become more athletic/smarter, work on their game and become better shooters, scorers, and defenders. In the case of Dee Morton all of the above are true. After looking strong on the circuit Morton solidified his position on the national ranking board after a sensational weekend playing in both the Middle School All-American game and the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp, where he displayed an exception IQ, scored at a high percentage always making the right play never forcing the action and even with his scoring prowess on display he maintain a point guard-type feel to his game reminding us of a young Andre Miller.

It’s easy to refer to Morton as Mr. Intangible as he contributes in every statistical category; as well as things that do not show up on the stat sheet.  He is easily one of the most high school game ready, mature players on the circuit and his efficiency is off the charts.  “It’s rare you see such a high-level talent at this age play so unselfishly and still be so effective and consistent; it’s a gift” say National Scout Bill Francis.

What Morton is, is a winner in every sense of the word and one that will undoubtedly debut as Top 10 player in the country with real consideration of cracking the national Top 5.  Everyone in the building love not just the player but the person Morton was, and the entire gym was buzzing about his exploits all weekend long.  The country is being introduced to a true gem in meeting Dee Morton; they don’t make players like him every day.

Morton has great physical strength for a young guard competes and really does a great job using his length and anticipation on the defensive end to come up with steals. Slashes and finishes at the rim with great touch and body control. Hits the open three showing solid mechanics and a quick release - but inside the arc he can score in a variety of ways with his mid-range game also. He is constantly in attack mode. He loves to aggressively attack the rim from the wing and go over or through his opponent to score. Morton plays both end and is a tough defender also that uses his strong body to keep his opponent out of the lane. He is also solid at playing the passing lanes and gleaning steals that lead to his transition game.

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