Thursday, August 18, 2016

Byrce Griggs- Nothng Can Stop Him He's All the Way Up!

How does it feel to have a target on your back?  How does it feel to be the one that everyone else is measure against?  How does it feel to be expected to carry a team and put on show every single time you take the court?  How does it feel to have kids and adults alike fill the stands to capacity to see if the legend it true?  How does it feel to have every top player in the country converge on one city all intending to be the kid of this hill after its all over?

You want to know the answers to these questions; you will have to ask Texas product and Middle School All-American selection Bryce Griggs who continues to answer every question and pass every test.  Clearly and without question Griggs in one of the most talented players in the country – his game speaks for itself; but to understand the depth of what he does you have to understand in a sense what it is like to walk in his shoes.  Then you will understand how special he is; not just a talented youth but one that has a mental capacity that some pro’s don’t even have.

Those that have seen a young Zion Harmon; Griggs is very similar in style and demeanor – Bryce Griggs pound for pound is one of the best pure scorers in the country regardless of class. He is a walking talking "bucket-getter". His ability to score at all three levels is uncanny and as you watch his progression he continues to evolve, develop, and refine is current skill set. He can snag a rebound in traffic, lead the break, and find a way to score in some fashion. He has an evolving triple threat game as well and is potent off the dribble. His 1st step is fairly explosive and he can finish with either hand at the rim. In addition, he can toss in a floater, a pull-up jump shot in transition, or find a teammate throwing the pass even before the play fully develops. He can shoot off the catch, but he is at his best in space where he can make thing happen for himself or teammates.  Many may say that what he does will be difficult to achieve on the next level; his is a IQ where he may be more efficient playing with older and higher IQ player who know when and how to cut and how to utilize him – set him up and put him a position as he does and has done for those he suits up with. 

In what may be his biggest test Griggs will be arriving in the nation’s Capitol in a matter of days to compete against the top of food chain over a 3-day period against the like of Emoni Bates, Kamari Lands, Jaden Bradley, Skyy Clark just to name few.  He past every other test…at the conclusion of this weekend the country may not have any more questions.  

We can see that he is ready from his most recent mixtape which can be seen below.

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