Thursday, July 7, 2016

America Meet Your Middle School All-American Game Selections

Extensive scouting and resources have been extended to determine the best grouping of players in the country for the Middle School All-American Game.  Over the next several weeks we will introduce America to some of the top talents playing the game at its highest level.  These analyses are not finite and do not represent that any player named will translate continued work and development is essential to the long term future success - hence any player not mentioned therefore has equal opportunity to succeed in the near future or beyond with the requisite hard work.

Antonio Sellers class of 2022 out of New York City has been wreaking havoc nationally for years his calling card has long been his versatility as he has consistently displayed a multitude of skills on the hardwood. When it comes to scoring he is extremely patient and never forces the issue as his natural basketball instincts and IQ along with his unselfishness are that of a player who is mature beyond his years. 

One of the toughest covers out there Sellers can beat defenses from long, and mid-range consistently while his dribble drive game is most effectively utilized against like sized defenders or bigger – but is developing perimeter game is crystal clear and high level.   One of the few players in the country at affecting the game in so many positive ways: scoring, passing, rebounding and handling the ball in addition to being very unselfish.  He is also a five category contributor: points, rebounds, assist, steals, blocks.  At the end of the day Sellers presents one of the biggest match up nightmare as he goes by taller guys and post up smaller ones using some of the very best footwork for a youth player in recent memory. Overall, great feel for the game it’s with great pride that we congratulate and welcome Antonio Sellers to the Middle School All-American Game.

Jahkary Towns comes to us out of Grand Rapids, Michigan he put his name on the map 3 years ago as part of the USA National Select Team and hasn’t looked back since.  What we have in Towns is an offensive juggernaut that is a prime time playmaker. He scores off the catch or dribble with range extending past the arc. He puts constant pressure on the defense creates help where he can score over two defenders or drop off or kick out to an open teammate. But as a new age lead guard Towns is most deadly when he is clearly thinking about scoring which is what makes him special and separates him from many in his class of 2023.

With a scorers mentality he can score anytime he wants and on any defender. He is an excellent mid-range guy who can finisher on the break and has a lot of versatility when it comes to stop and pop and floater game. He scores is very high clips at times with his ability to slash in between defenders to get into the lane.  We have long like his ability to beat defenders off the dribble and create space for his shot and even at this youthful age he already possesses a a step back jumper which we have seen him knocking down beyond the three point line off the catch or off the bounce.  As Towns grows and adds strength, quickness, and athleticism he will be more than capable of continuing to put up big numbers in a short period of time.


Duncan Powell is rated as the #1 player in the class of 2021 in the state of Texas; is a combo-forward standing 6’6 who flat out get the job done.  Displaying great size and length with elite shooting skill, very good athletic ability and strength Powell plays the game with confidence and can get on a roll and drop several buckets in a row before the defense knows what hit it. Powell is made for pick and pop situations with his quick trigger and ability to shoot over smaller defenders with ease. He also runs the floor well and has one of the best motors you will see always playing hard and competing on each possession. We also like his ability to rebound both in and out of his area.

With a solid handle being the top prospect in the huge state of Texas is nothing to shake a stick at and without question puts him in the national conversation as top national prospect overall.  forward he has excellent size already and actually has range on his jumper out to beyond the stripe – with exceptional feet, footwork, and solid mechanics his best days are still in front of him. He can score off the dribble well enough to keep the defense honest,  he is a good ball handler and passer with an excellent feel for the game this is an aspect that really separates him from his peers. You combine all these attributes with shot-blocking ability and a tenacious defensive mindset you have the making of a very complete player.  Reports are that he plays the game with an unbelievable offensive swagger and is capable scoring over defenders like they are invisible; with an array of turn around jump shots and jump hooks he has proven to be very effective combine that with the fact that he nowhere near his ceiling and is expected to add another 4 to 5 inches to his frame and you have a very fascinating prospect. Powell will be bringing his name and his game to put on display and make his statement for the #1 player in the country we congratulate him as well for his selection to the Middle School All-American Game.

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