Sunday, July 10, 2016

America Meet Your Middle School All-American Game Selections

Extensive scouting and resources have been extended to determine the best grouping of players in the country for the Middle School All-American Game.  Over the next several weeks we will introduce America to some of the top talents playing the game at its highest level.  These analyses are not finite and do not represent that any player named will translate continued work and development is essential to the long term future success - hence any player not mentioned therefore has equal opportunity to succeed in the near future or beyond with the requisite hard work.

Dee Morton class of 2022 is as tough as they come framed in a long and athletic body. The Georgia based product is wired to score and he can get it down from all three levels but all excels in transition. He is a good shooter from both mid-range and long range and can be counted on to amass the volume that will impact the game due to his aggressive scoring nature. 

Morton plays with swagger and confidence, uses his strength and skill to get to the rim and finish; in addition he showed the ability to knock down open threes off the catch or dribble and is shooting a true jumper with excellent lift over top of defenders all ready. In isolation situations he can beat his man with quick crossovers and has a dependable floater with touch and body control. Dee Morton  can flat out score in a variety of ways and is one of the best in his class at it – he isn’t a one dimensional guy either as Morton he plays both end and has the tools to be a lock down defender and guard potentially 4 to 5 positions.  These are just some of the reasons for Dee Morton’s selection; we congratulate him on making the Middle School All-American Game.

Paris Dawson class of 2020 has been in the national conversation for several years and arrives to the MSAG with one of the most extensive resumes in the country.  Dawson will be arriving from the west coast by way of California.  Dawson is a rangy/slashing point guard prospect with long arms and quick hands. He is a dynamic passer in the open court and his vision is uncanny. He has a good burst off the dribble to get by his defender and he can finish in the paint, with an array of different finishes. He can knock down the 3-point shot off the high screen and roll as well as the catch.

Watching him operate you notice that he plays the game with good pace and exceptional poise for a young point guard and his upside is tremendous.   He can score with anyone on the perimeter but is the consummate playmaker, leader, and floor general.   He will be handed the keys to a high major program at some point and will act as another coach on the floor – mature and cerebral, he is the ultimate combination of old school floor general and new millennium lead guard one of the few players in the country that can wear both hats equally as well.  The nation looks forward to seeing him on a stage with the very best in his class and witnessing all that he can do; Dawson too impacts the defensive end playing the passing lanes and using his length and lateral quickness to be a top notch on the ball defender as well.  A very complete player we congratulate him on making the Middle School All-American Game.

For those who follow the game and the class of 2022, Antonio Hamlin has been one of the best prospects in the country for years now – the Maryland native has exploded onto the national scene in the last two years showing a diverse skill set that impacts games on all 94-feet of the court.  A player who keeps constant pressure on defenses his game went to another level once he started to consistently hit the jumper; stretching it beyond the arch has open the floor for him as a finisher and has also made him into a bigtime player maker as he works off penetration.  His ability to get into the paint is uncanny and he gets the rock on the glass sometimes at will.  He has also shown the ability like all bigtime scorer and that is the ability to draw fouls and get to the charity stripe – a skill that many do not fully attain or fully understand the value off; Hamlin does understand and uses that understanding to make him one of the most productive players in the 2022 class.

Hamlin who does it all over the floor is at his very best in transition where he can explode in a lane for variety of finishes. He explodes over would-be defenders utilizing his allusiveness and explosiveness knocking down pull-up and jumpers. One of his biggest assets is that he can snatch rebounds, lead the break, and attack the defense with either the pass or finish. He has a high motor at both ends and has the ability to guard multiple positions.  Hamlin no longer will simply be a local gem to experts of the game; his profile is national in every sense of the word and his game is one of the most diverse and effective in his class he was an easy choice we image but we still congratulate him on his selection to the Middle School All-American Game.

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