Monday, June 13, 2016

UA Next Combine Series - Fires Crucial Shot in Sneaker War (Part IV: Point Guards) - MIDWEST

Mike Saunders (5’9, PG, IN) is a season, experienced, and immensely poised point guard and a young man who can play the game as a pusher and half court probing point guard. Can find a seam and has good pace to his game. He's got good touch, especially from mid-range. Has all the making of a vocal leader and this is a big part of his approach.  Confident point guard is a natural for the position and will be a high-major recruit. He'll be geared toward running a fast break style offense where he can push but also has the makeup to play in the half court. Trustworthy from the point guard position and is a one of the best pure knockdown shooters in the class who uses this attribute to space the floor for his team.

Isaiah Kennedy (6’0, PG, OH) is a big combo-point guard with long arms, a smooth floor game and clear upside. He handles the ball well to both sides and has definite playmaking instincts and is especially good in the open floor or off a ball-screen. He uses his size well in the backcourt, both to see and pass over opposing defenders (especially against pressure) as well as to score over smaller defenders with pull-ups and floaters. He's capable of making some high level plays off the bounce and has a dependable pull-up game that he can get to any time he wants because of his size and a little natural fade in his stroke. He's also showed a consistent three-point shot and defended well.

Zeb Jackson (5’10, PG, OH) is a left-handed combo-guard who impacts the game with his scoring and passing. He has a great burst off the dribble and he changes speeds very well. The biggest strength of his game is his shooting prowess. He can knock in jump shots out to 23-feet and his release is quick and smooth. He is most effective off the catch, but he can also hit shots off the dribble. He advances the ball well in transition and in the half court set he understands angles while feeding the post.  With added strength has the potential to be a game changer with high major potential.

Grant Huffman (6’3, PG, OH) is a highly skilled and intelligent combo-guard. He shoots the ball well and with deep range, has terrific rotation on his ball, and doesn't need much space to get it off. He's a very good passer who both snaps balls around the perimeter and can also make some good finds off the dribble. He has developed his handle into enough of an asset that he can slide over to play the point. He's a smart and crafty player who has dexterity with the ball and will use the glass, even in his pull-up game, whenever he has an angle.

Matt Allocco (5’11, PG, OH) very skilled with a high I.Q. and while he's not a high level athlete at this juncture, both his quickness and physical strength have begun to evolve that helped him have a breakout weekend at the UN Next Combine (Midwest) streaky but capable of shooting the lights out shooter off the catch and rhythm dribble. He is an excellent passer with a terrific feel for the game. He attacks and plays with great energy and urgency and is another coach on the floor showing already the capability to play high level pick and roll basketball.

Justus Salaam (5’10, PG, MI)is a late blooming point guard who made a name for himself  at the Midwest combine, but also developed his game at a rapid rate. Solid size for the point guard position, allowing him to both see and pass over top of most opposing defenders. He always plays with his head up and sees the floor very well. He's very good attacking north to south in the open floor, can also be shifty and smooth to get into the lane in a half-court game, and has runners and floaters alike when unable to get all the way to the rim. Defensively, he has relatively quick feet that will allow him to develop into a disruptive defender as well.  

Justin Powell (6’4, PG, KY) is a competitive true point guard with goods strength for his size and matching speed and quickness. He pushes the ball with excellent pace on the break and can get to the basket where he can finish or drop off to an open teammate. Powell can run the team and breakdown the defense and make a play - can control the tempo and make open shots when the defense backs away.

Nicolas Walters (5’11, PG, OH) the frame and length is impressive for a PG, Walters is able to run the team, make plays off the dribble for himself or teammates and shots as needed. He competes and can play fast or slow. He has a bright future as a high major guard with continued development and production.   Efficiency and consistently are elements that must match up with the flashes of greatness that he shows.

Maxwell Land (6’2, PG, OH) is a high level athlete that simply lacks  extensive experience playing against the highest levels of competition. He has good size for the backcourt, is an explosive leaper, very quick, able to start and stop on a dime, and cut-up with deceptive power. While his physical tools were the basis of his game early in camp, he's showed a versatile offensive arsenal that requires consistent reps. He's now a threat to make both rhythm threes and pull-ups and has also become extremely effective bringing smaller guards to the low post. He's a quality secondary ball-handler and with improved decision making he looks like he will be able to develop a very mature floor game. He almost never forces a bad shot, always plays within the team concept and is generally unselfish. Defensively, he has both the physical tools (with his long arms and quick feet) as well as the mental approach to be a high level college player with the potential to blossom into a true stopper on the defensive end and on the backboard – this is a player that should be monitored and followed was the most intriguing prospect in the event. 

Jake Younkin (5’11, PG, OH) is a good drive draw and kick passer but will not hesitate to move the ball when the defense is set. He plays in full attack mode and is very difficult for other guards to handle because of his underrated quickness. He can get to the rim and finish through contact, has a nice floater, pull up jumper and can hit the open three when his feet are set.

Elliott Sieger (5’11, PG, IL) is a shooting point guard.  At this point he is better at scoring than creating for others. He has nice strength and can be an explosive scorer. He has range to 20 feet. He definitely needs to improve his decision making. He is probably more of a 2 than a 1 at this point. He has the ability to be a good new millennium PG and lock down defender with consistent effort.

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