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P2BBall.COM - 2019 Top 100 National Player Rankings (2016 Update)

It’s been a very busy year and summer for the class of 2019; they have all quickly determined that life is a lot different on the high school side – the stakes much higher and games much more meaningful! What is special and unique about this class nationally besides the immense size and versatility (especially at the wing position) is the fact that so many have made their imprint already by stepping in to various schools across the country and proving they were who we said they were and earning immediate minutes and making their presence felt on the court and in the win column.

Charles Bassey
With many pundits still questioning the viability of Middle School Rankings and the proficiency, expertise, and crystal ball housed in the offices we continue as company and industry to prove there is a method to the middle school madness. Over 36- months ago was the first service to deem Rowan (RJ) Barrett a pro prospect and best in class and after 3-years he still remains on not only our board but also ESPN and other major High School sites. Roughly 18 to 20 months ago we produced a final 2019 ranking prior to any of these kids walking onto a high school campus and again our predictions remain very true to form.

There are specific indicators that a professional at the Middle School level is trained to look for; its not the same as the what you hear after the fact by the “big boys discovering the next great talent” – a closer look will reveal a documented track record from very specific industry professionals that have made said discovery many moons ago. Credit? Well if verification of fact qualifies we are on the same page but there is no question of chicken before the egg here – we know who said it first and we are saying it again with our 2016 ranking of the Top 100 in the 2019 class. Please compare the past years and see the progression, accuracy, and rising, falling, and disappearance of certain players. This is a fluid situation and shall remain such until the class graduates to the next level and starts the process all over again.

Cassius Stanley
Whereas rankings are subjective in nature we believe we have compiled a comprehensive and accurate representation of the class headlined again for the 3rd year in a row Rowan Barrett Jr. who was a major freshman contributor starting many games for Montverde. He was a major contributor in their national championship run, followed that up with the MVP of the Jordan International Game, and fought off a rising star in his own right Charles “Big Ticket” Bassey. Below you will find the detailed listing of 2019s top 100 prospects and the first 10 that just missed the cut. Our extensive list charts out the first 250 players in the country but we only publish 110 reserving the entire 250 for coaches requesting such information at highest levels.

We welcome your comments in our comment section; congratulations to all 250 players, and we look forward to bringing you the rankings in our other classes after our review of the upcoming Middle School All-American Game and Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp to be held August 26th-28th!

1 Rowan Barrett, 6'7, G, Missisauga, Ontario 
2 Charles Bassey, 6'11, F, San Antonio, TX
3 Balsa Koprivica, 7'1, C, Davie, FL
4 Cassius Stanley, 6'6, G, Encino, CA
5 Chandler Lawson, 6'9, F, Memphis, TN
6 Trendon Watford, 6'8, F, Mountainbrook, AL
7 DJ Jefferies, 6'7, F, Olive Branch, MS
8 Onyeka Okongwu, 6'10, Chino Hills, CA
9 Wendall Moore, 6'6, F,  Charlotte, NC
10 Cole Anthony, 6'2, G, New York, NY
11 Marcedus Leech, 6'6,G, Poplar Bluff, MO
12 Chol Marial, 7'3, C, Cheshire, CT 
13 Keon Brooks, 6'7, G, Indianapolis, IN
14 Tyger Campbell, 6'1, PG, Laporte, IN
15 Bryant Antoine, 6'4, G, Tinton, NJ
16 Phillip "PJ" Fuller, 6'6, G, Seatle, WA
17 Romeo Weems, 6'7, G, New Haven, MI
18 Nobel Days, 6'10, C, Racine, WI
19 Mahki Mitchell, 6'9, F, Washington, DC
20 Christian Brown, 6'8, F, Columbia, SC
21 Jordan Mitchell, 6'8, F, Blacklick, OH
22 Karim Coulibly, 6'9, F, Laurel, MD
23 Max Lorca-Lloyd, 6'10, C, Northfield, MA
24 Jared Jones, 6'9, F, Jacksonville, FL
25 Scottie Lewis, 6'5, F, Tinton, NJ
26 LaMelo Ball, 6'0, PG, Chino Hills, CA
27 Juwon Gary, 6'6, G, Columbia, SC
28 James Wiseman, 7'0, C, Nashville, TN
29 Vernon Carey, 6'10, F, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
30 Matthew Hurt, 6'9, F,Rochester, MN
31 Terry Armstrong, 6'5, G, Detroit, MI
32 Jeremiah Francis, 6'3, PG, Blacklick, OH
33 Precious Achiuwa, 6'7, F, New York, NY
34 Justin Moore, 6'3, G, Accokeek, MD
35 Qudus Abolaji, 7'0, C, Alexandria, VA
36 Donta Scott, 6'7, F, Phildelphia, PA
37 Tariq Ingraham, 6'9, C, New Castle, DE
38 Eric Dixon, 6'8, F, Wilmington, DE
39 Marquise Walker, 6'0, PG, Chicago, IL 
40 Marvin Price, 6'5, G, Baltimore, MD 
41 Issac Okoro, 6'7, F, Brunswick, GA
42 Andrew Nembhard, 6'3, Onterio, Canada
43 Isaiah Mobley, 6'8, F, Los Angelos, CA
44 Thomas Brunner, 6'6, F, Charlotte, NC
45 EJ Jarvis, 6'9, F, Bethesda, MD
46  Francis Okoro, 6'9, C, St. Louis, MO
47 Seth Lundy, 6'4, G, Philadelphia, PA
48 Kobe Langley, 6'0,PG, Charlotte, NC
49 Mikeal Jones, 6'8, F, Scanton, PA
50 Anthony Harris, 6'2, PG, Manasas, VA
51 Isaiah Moseley, 6'2, G, Toronto, Canada
52 Sidney Curry, 6'8, F, Indianoplis, IN
53 Elijah Scranton, 6'4, G, Southern, CA
54 Ousmane Ndim, 7'1, C, Phoenix, AZ
55 Keyshawn Langley, 6'0, PG, Charlotte, NC
56 Ishmael Massoud, 6'9, F, Boston, MA
57 Kyle Rode, 6'6, F, Lexington, KY
58 Joey Baker, 6'7, F, Raleigh, NC
59 Danial Rodriguez, 6'7, F, New York, NY
60 Joshua Hall, 6'6, G, Durham, NC
61 BJ Mack, 6'7, C, Charlotte, NC
62 Kyran Rawson, 6'9, C, Greenville, SC
63 Antwan January, 6'11, C, Mequon, WI
64 Shariff Kenny, 6'5, G, Washington, DC
65 Korbin Spencer, 6'3,G, Lexington, KY
66 Taylor Currie, 6'9, C, Worthington, OH
67 Ciaran Brayboy, 6'10, C, Winneka, IL 
68 Armondo Barcott,6'8, C, Richmond, VA
69 Jamie Jaquez Jr., 6'5, G, Camarillo, CA
70 Le'Jon Doss, 6'6, G, Hoston, TX
71 Patrick McCaffery, 6'6, G, Iowa City, IA
72 Kobe Brown, 6'8, F, Huntsville, AL
73 Jermiah Robinson, 6'7, F, Roland Park, KS
74 Amari Davis, 6'3, G, Trotwood, OH
75 Marcus Tsohonis, 6'5, G, Portland, OR
76 Pierre Crockrell, 6'0, PG, Napa, CA
77 Max Feathering, 6'7, F, Charlotte, NC
78 EJ Jackson, 5'8, PG, Compton, CA
79 Nick Evtimove, 6'8, C, Lewisville, NC
80 Mahki Long, 6'7, F, Washington, DC
81 Isaiah Thompson, 6'2, PG, Zionsville, IN
82 Myles Pierre, 6'2, G, Charlotte, NC 
83 Jalen Hill, G, 6'6, Las Vegas, NV
84 James Bishop, 6'2, Baltimore, MD
85 Caleb Hodgson, 6'9, C, Ann Arbor, MI
86 Jaylen Willis, 6'3, G, Baltimore, MD
87 Emmanual Izunbar, 6'8, C, Fayettville, NC
88 Matt Von Koman, 7'4, Pleasant Grove, UT
89 Tristain Milller, 6'7, Charlotte, NC
90 Deontay Long, 6'4, G, Milwaukee, WI
91 Jalen Abbott, 6'7, F, Silver Spring, MD
92 Khalil Whitney, 6'7, G, Chicago, IL
93 Jay Heath, 6'3, G, Washington, DC
94 Deyondre Dominguez, 6'8, F, Pentucket, RI
95 Mikhel Mitchell, 6'9, F, Washington, DC
96 Makani Whiteside, 5'11, G, San Diego, CA
97 Christain DePollar, 6'5, G, Bethesda, MD
98 Jason Murphy, 6'8, C, Baltimore,MD
99 Sam Devault, F, 6'11, Evansville, IN
100 Roman Wilson, 6'11, F, Kansas City, MO

101 Silar Tschirhart, 6'8, C, Overland Park, KS
102 Luis Reysono, 6'4, G, Bar Harbor, ME
103 Eric Liddell, 6'8, C, St. Louis, MO
104 Odeleye OyeKanium, 6'6, F, New York, NY
105 Myles Baker, 6'3, G, Chicago, IL 
106 Shavir Wheeler, 5'6, PG, Houston, TX
107 Reajean Hudson, 6'6, G, Toronto, Canada
108 Adam Francolini, 6'5, G, Oakville, Canada
109 Javin Etzler, 6'6, F, Convoy, OH
110 Armoni Walker, 6'8, F, Columbia, MD

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