Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mama there Goes that Man - 2022 Emoni Bates is Destine to Blow!

Over the course of the few years P2BBall.com has predicted at the Middle School level future pro players (Karl Towns Jr.) as well as top Top ESPN Prospects in multiple classes (Michael Porter ‘17, Marvin Bagley ‘18, Rowan Barrett Jr. ‘19) that we still believe and state in writing; will be ultimately meeting the same fate – a spot in the league.  We anticipate that once we announce our 2020 selection at # 1 this will follow suit.

Many will read this article and without hindsight; laugh to themselves thinking “how hard could that have been…” well looking now the answers seems obvious – BUT, remember these statements and predictions were made while these young ballers where still attending the 7th or 8th grades respectively.

Since our inception; we have never advised that any player younger than the 7th grade would play at the pro-level – until now.  Crazy? Maybe - Premature? Possibly….but we believe that we have seen something that we have never seen before at the 6th grade level in 2020  6’4 SG Emoni Bates.  Yes, we have seen the videos, the highlights, read the press prior to our first release and we must admit in this particular case that the aforementioned don’t do any justice.  He is better in person than on highlights, matter of fact he is a walking highlight!  Is he the #1 most impactful player right now?  The answer is “no” that title currently goes to Bryce Griggs (TX) and Jaden Brandley (NC) who are high end prospects in their own rights.  They too have phenomenal careers ahead of them but both require inches to cement their final destination and as 6th graders there is no reason at this juncture to assume they won’t meet their goal.

Yet with Bates, if he happened to not grow another inch from now until his freshman year of college he would fit the prototypical size and length that is looked for at the high major level.  Just as we assume additional growth from Griggs and Bradley we assume that as well form Bates leaving him where?  6’6, 6’8, 6’9 or better – that remains to be seen and we won’t profess to be a predictor of genetics.

What we are saying is that Emoni Bates will be a top national player from this point forward one that we believe will be when it’s all said and done will be in a draft day conversation after occupying the top of every national ranking board at the high school level.  So what is our current analysis and evaluation on Bates? Find out below:

Bates has a long way to go physically to fill out his lanky frame but all indicators looking at the width of the shoulders speak to him being more than able to do so.  For his size he showed a pronounced ability to drop his hips and move laterally. He is extremely fluid and is a long strider with is very quick off the floor on both his first and second jump.  Not afraid of contact but will need to gain strength especially in the core and lower body, which again should be a natural growth trajectory for the young star – this will be paramount in Bates reaching his full potential.

Defensively he is willing and shows an edge and attitude that seems to be ingrained as part of his personality; a mean streak even.  He uses timing as a shot blocker and has natural instincts in that department.   

What is sickening about Bates platform, is that his game at this size starts with his jump shot which has range, solid mechanics and hits with great frequency and consistency.  As a catch and shoot player with an elite PG next to him or a solid passer out of the post he is cable of hitting 50%  of his shots and he will have no issues in getting them off as he has a laser quick release.  For a player so young his reads off the ball are solid and his cuts and movements have purpose even when he doesn’t have the ball.  

We of course also like his ability to create his own shot off the bounce as he is a fundamentally sound and possesses a little bit of flair but most importantly he shows great feet when he is attacking or working the baseline and block.  He has no pride issues and will utilize pumps fake, while knowing how to and effectively creating space to get his shots off.  All this is encompassed in a player who is willing passer, team oriented teammate, and does all this with great vision.

As he continues to grow there is going to be an issue and he will be too big got many and to skilled for those his size.  He has a lot to work on just like any other player, but there is also a lot to love!

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