Wednesday, May 18, 2016

UA Next Combine Series - Fires Crucial Shot in Sneaker War (Part II: Wings) - MIDWEST

Devonta Blanton (6’5/WING/OH) has an ideal frame with long arms and he is a deceptive athlete. The strengths of his game are his approach and ability to put the ball in the hole. He has a smooth jump shot that extends out to 18-feet and he is wire to score. In addition, he showed us signs of an evolving face-up game as he has no issue and in fact likes to work the mid-post as well as the block and with his size he can be very effective in doing so. He utilizes the up-fake and jab step to get defenders off balance and his initial burst is pretty solid as his finishing and ability to absorb contact.  Has grown several inches and put on lots of weight in the past 15-months young man looks to be coming into his own.

Bryce Flatt (6’5/WING/KY) is a basketball player that simply knows how to play the game. He handles the ball well in transition, is able to separate from his defender off the dribble, and he can nail jump shots from all three levels with little needed space. He can snag a rebound and lead the break and there isn't any wasted motion to his game, he doesn’t try to do too much and his long arms and length help him navigate in multiple areas. He advances the ball well in transition and he generally makes good decisions. His jump shot is solid out to the 3-point stripe and he moves very well without the ball; and can be run off screens – when hot and in rhythm can really score the ball, at worst at this size Flatt is a college player who will serve as a glue-type prospects that help coaches win games. He is a high IQ player who makes sound decisions and his overall skill set is solid. At best he gains a few inches and he can be a primary scorer from the edge; think Adam Morrison (Gonzaga). 

Marcus Skeete (6’3/WING/IL) has a solid looking frame with broad shoulders and long arms. He is a good not great athlete that can get to the rim off the dribble and he shows craftiness and scorer. He is at his best in transition where he utilizes his body control to slither through traffic and his stop and pop off the dribble can be dangerous. He has a floater in his repertoire and isn’t afraid of contact. Defensively, he slides his feet well and he has active hands giving him potential as a shot blocker on the strong and weak side.


Dylan DeBreo (6’4/WING/IN) has long arms, big hands, and affects the game in multiple ways. He has a knack of finding ways to score without having plays ran for him and his attacks to the basket is uncanny. He plays with great energy and with purpose in mind. His savvy for the game is demonstrated by his passing ability and instincts around the basket. He has potential as a rebounder at both ends and his timing and attitude is outstanding.

Nic Smith (6’4/WING/OH) is more of a stretch 4-man who has a soft shooting touch. He possesses a big body, solid athleticism for that size, and terrific hands. Finished very well and knows how to put himself in the right positions to receive passes – this is the strength of his game is his shooting touch and ability to catch and finish. May end up more of a  pick-and-pop/ pick-and-role 4-man; in addition to his soft shooting touch, he is an determined rebounder. He fills the lane in transition and shows good mobility as well.

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