Monday, May 16, 2016

UA Next Combine Series - Fires Crucial Shot in Sneaker War (Part I: Big Forwards) - MIDWEST

Darion Henry (6’6/PF/OH) is a beastly 4-man that can score inside and out. He has the strength and length to punish would-be defenders in the post. In addition, he stepped out and proved that he could knock down the perimeter shot as well. He finishes well through contact, rebounds in a crowd, and he runs the floor in transition.  He carves out space in the paint and he is so strong that he takes the real estate that he wants.  Henry is an intriguing prospect due to his feet, skill set, and size combination.  Shot 75% from the field and tied for the lead in the Midwest Combine for scoring showing that his production is on par with his potential and measurables 

Colin Crothers (6’7/PF/IL) is a true center with off the charts upside and huge parents. He can score inside and out to about 15 feet comfortably.  A wide body post player who possesses excellent hands, touch, feel and exhibits impressive patience with his post moves, showing the ability to score over both shoulders with a hook or powerful drop step through contact. Crothers  is a good area rebounder and can block shots mostly on the ball. Davis does a good job of holding his ground on defense and playing vertical with his hands up, making the defense shoot over him. Colin handles the ball pretty well for his size but knows who and what he is on the court but can still knock down the open high post jumper with needed time and space. He is tough and competes on both ends. 

Zach Loveday (6’11/C/OH) boast some very soft hands and quick feet and the coordination he displays for a young big is quite advanced and a primary factor in what is making him a big time prospect in the class of 2020. Runs the floor impressively and is very athletic in all his movements.  He post up strong giving the passer a solid target each time and when he receive the rock he is a force on the low block. He is a very good scorer in the paint that keeps the ball high and is able to finish using either hand, doesn’t fully understand his value off the ball and very humble and soft spoken in contrast to his talent and potential level – meaning Loveday is a big who is perfectly justified in demanding touches each time down the floor. An excellent rebounder in and out of the area – when he is fully engage he cleans up messes in transition and is always a problem in the halfcourt game on the defensive side of the ball.  The post moves are developing and there is room for improvement there but he far more than a catch finisher or rebounder put backer; Loveday is a up and coming star and will end up as one of the top players in the class of 2020 especially as he adds strength (185lbs) and a stronger base.

Raymond Terry (6’9/C/IN)  is a true center with great size and is quickly developing matching skill in the post post. He has all the potential to be a go to player in the lane on the high major college level. His upside is tremendous and his best basketball days lie ahead as he continues to develop.  Terry move extremely well for his size and is improving his conditioning (220lbs). He has soft hands and can score through contact with his back to the basket, right now more of a finisher then an initiator but you see the wheels turning and developmental mile stones are being met at a rapid pace . Robinson rebounds well in his area and is an surprisingly good passer out of the post is able to screen and roll hard to the rim but prefers the more traditional post entry and post play system. On the other side of the ball Terry is starting to implement gapping of the post on the catch defensively and his effectiveness as a shot blocker is apparent with this rarely used skill at this level.

Kyle Ross (6’4/PF/IN) operates best inside the paint. Occasionally he will step out and take the face up mid-range, he has displayed decent mechanics and touch on his FGAs. Right now he earns his money as a defender who can block shots with his length. Runs the floor and battles for rebounds giving solid effort.   Like the way he looks to screen for his teammates while possessing the size to score as the role man in two man game basketball.   We are looking at long term potential and upside, very flexible in movement will allow him to have future production as a scorer and as a rebounder inside. As his strength increase so will his effectiveness inside as well. 

James Wilborn (6’4/PF/MI) is a raw offensive product but is an extremely athletic frontcourt player. He has a long frame that he can add weight to and will be a physically gifted front court player as that develops, very strong and doesn’t mind the getting physical. He can really run and is most effective in transition. His best asset right now is his defense and rebounding but he is also a good shot blocker that can block shots both on and off the ball due to his good length and solid timing.

Grayson Therron (6’6/PF/IL) most big men take time to develop and Therron is no exception. However, you can see already that he possesses many of the attributes coaches look for in a front court post, including great feet, excellent timing, broad shoulders, and long arms. He is a solid rebounder in and out of his area. In addition, defensively he can cover the weak-side and his shot blocking skills are impressive. He runs well in transition and he can finish on the break.  He must make sure that he always uses his length and doesn’t come down to the guards level he is most impactful when he keeps the ball high in all his movements – get the ball to the outlet area or guard immediately and this is another player with size that we look to be making an even bigger impact down the line.

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