Wednesday, March 30, 2016

USA National Select Continues to Showcase the Nation’s Top Talents

Jaden Johnsons Game is So Sweet He Might Be Diabetic

Jaden Johnson has improved each year appearing as the #1 player; Johnson may be the best player in the country you haven’t heard about. Two national championships under his belt along with two top 6 finishes tells you all you need to know about the Maryland PG. Every year Johnson has taken on new tasks and pressures. Appearing in ther Atlantic City Showcase with USA National Select Jaden again dominated the action shooting a high percentage, dishing out dimes, and leading a talented squad that ran smoother when he was on the floor with the rock in his hand.

A team-first player he maintains a rep as a clutch shooter who hits bigshots in big games. A low turnover guy at the most important position; his IQ is next level understanding the value of assist to turnovers on the court. He remains a serious scoring threat, getting a bucket or creating for others almost at will – an excellent free throw shooter; his “weakness” is at times he can almost be too unselfish.
Jaden has very deceptive physical talents, he is not the strongest, but he makes up for it by playing at his own pace and displaying incredible stamina. He's not physically imposing, but he uses his deceptive speed to get around opponents. Few guards at this level can stay in front or keep up with him – if he doesn’t beat you physically he is as crafty as they come, almost like he’s been here before.

The dynamic part of Johnson’s game is that he can take over games without taking a shot – yet he is as prolific a scorer as you will find regardless of position when focused on doing so. He rebounds, kicks ahead, talks on both ends, does the little things, displaying poise and a calming affect when on the court. A natural leader who is focused on developing for the next level, playing the game the right way and winning – what shouldn’t get lost in this is that Jaden Johnson remains one of the very best out there doing it. Period.
Resembles a MS Version of:  Jameer Nelson

Antonio Hamlin Goes "Ham" In Atlantic City

The class of 2022 is starting to take shape and the player progression is making the future trajectory of various players clear and clearer.  At the 6th grade level evaluator are looking for transferable skill sets along with IQ, impact, and both tangible and intangible attributes. 
Antonio Hamlin, Maryland native has begun to exert himself into the conversation in all of the aforementioned areas.  Hamiln playing this past weekend as part of the USA National Select squad put his game on display at the Atlantic City Showcase in Atlantic City, NJ;  annually one of the most competitive events in the country.
Hamlin is a high energy long and lean combination wing/SG with an excellent motor. He excels on the break and with a quick first-step and uses slashes and mid-range pull-ups in the half court set effectively. He attacks the paint with a vengeance, displays unique finishes, and can hit the open jumper to the arc when his feet are set off the catch. Antonio displayed a propensity to control both the defensive and offensive glass and is threat to take it coast to coast once he get it off the glass.  He proved to be a match up problem at any positions because he has the ability to play all 5 positions depending on the line-up at this level.
He is a future 2-Guard who ultimately will be a threat on all 3-levels.  National recognition is due this young prospect as the resume and body of work is without question.  Its simply a matter of the nation getting used to the name – as he isn’t going anywhere and the progression in his game since his appearance in the Middle School All-American Game as been nothing short of astonishing.  When you are talking about any top 5 player in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area; one of the strongest basketball markets in the country, that player must be in the national conversation.  Enter Antonio Hamlin him and is game are here to stay.
Resembles a MS Version of: Dion Waiters

Its No Walk in the Park Facing Jarace Walker

Jarace Walker  (Pa.) is a lighting bolt with the ball in transition, and he has added the ability to spearhead the occurrence as not just the receiver but the distributor. Walker’s long strides allow him to cover a lot of ground quickly and his power in the open floor combined with steadily growing athleticism which is leading him to closely finishing plays around the rim in the 6th grade.
Watching Walker being groomed as a perimeter player with both parents over 6-foot tall is a refreshing sight.  He is gaining maturity while assaulting the paint and clearly showed the ability to deliver many high-level passes.  Even with being such a talent Jarace continued to make the extra pass, the right passes, and is truly unselfish.
One of the most natural shot-blockers we have ever seen at this age; Walker plays both ends – blocking an array of shots with both hands (something rarely seen in a player so young) as well he works both glasses and cleans them with great precision.
Selected to the USA National Select Team Walker displayed the characteristic above while a growing skill set that will make him a problem for a long time to come and his best days ahead of him.  Right now less is more when finishing the deal, but seeing the confidence in some of his finishes clearly shows he is working a ton in the gym.
He has a great length and frame and is a prototypical combo wing, who can be a big two and even step over in the future as a lead against some line-ups we feel.  He has the great balance you are looking for between strength and quickness and is dangerous in space going both ways on the 94-feet.  The jumper can be streaky he does shoot it beyond the arch, but we are believers in that too because the mechanics are solid.
Walker is what you want in a top national talent; high level now with transferable skills and ton of upside physically and skill-wise.  He has game changing talent and the Pennsylvania native put it on display at the AC Showcase and will doing so all around the country for a long time to come.
Resembles a MS Version of: Nicolas Batum
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