Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Posh Alexander & RJ Davis: They Run New York

Posh Alexander is arguably the most talented young guard in New York due to his lethal combination of physical tools and skill. He is one of the most gifted scorers in the 2020 and can convert buckets at all three levels. Alexander is dynamic in transition and he can finish with either hand, yet he will stop on a dime and knock in several jump on the fast-break as well has piling it in from within the half court.
His 1st step is ultra-quick and he needs only a small shooting window and minimal time to release a shot anywhere inside of the half court – we have also been impressed with his space creation and step back jump shot.  He competes at both ends, has active hands, and plays the passing lanes – Posh is far from a one dimensional player. 
The part of his game as a scorer where Posh really separates himself is his excellent scoring and playmaking off the deck. He is a very well rounded guard that can flat out get buckets, our conversations with any player, program, or fan that knows New York City Basketball there has been no debate when asked “who is the best guard in 2020 in NY” – the consensus is, has been, and remains Posh Alexander.

RJ Davis out of NYC is a pure shooting guard, who has played point guard on occasion with the New York Gauchos.  Davis is a big-time scorer who has consistently put up numbers against the very best teams and players in the country – even with the defenses geared to stop him. 

Davis can hit the 3, drive to the hoop, and even though he is slight in frame, he has begun to grow and fill-out making his upcoming high school career one to monitor closely; he is the definition of the new millennium point guard. 

RJ is silky smooth, and his shot is about as pure as they come.  He also is a deadly FT shooter.  While Davis hasn’t put up the assist number he has in the past due to the reliance on him to score the ball, he still is a good ball handler and passer.   

With the heart of a Lion Davis will go inside and battle for rebounds and get his fair share. He doesn’t have an ego, and he is focused on winning and the process of getting better.  He is a player who will be able to contribute immediately at the high school level and/or with any team he plays one.  Davis who has had a phenomenal middle school career is one of those players who will excel at an even more impressive level in high school as his true skills come to the forefront.  Elite scoring ability, high IQ, and championship experience a recipe for future success for sure.

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