Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Trey Patterson: All Eyes On Me; A City & A Sneaker Awaits a Decision

A rite of passage each year is the introduction of the nation’s top players to hoop guru and clinician John Lucas.  His evaluations, input, and analysis have served the basketball ball world well and multiple levels and he continue to be a valuable and trusted source – when Lucas talk’s people listen, the right people.

New Jersey’s Trey Patterson spent the weekend at John Lucas’ Pennsylvania Camp and initial reports are stellar for 6’7 #3 ranked combos forward.  Trey Patterson showed how tantalizing a prospect he can be with his unique combination of size, length, fluidity, ball-handling ability and body control.

While Patterson is still at a very early stage of his development physically, skill-wise and in terms of his overall awareness and feel for the game. He shows great flashes in many different areas and what many scouts are looking for is consistently with respect to his motor; his general progression in all other areas is advanced to above average and has his trajectory slated to be one of the most versatile and highly touted players in the country.

Over the weekend when Trey was at his best, he was creating his own shot impressively on the perimeter, changing speeds, showing impressive footwork, and finding teammates off the dribble.  Trey also has tremendous potential defensively; with his wingspan and impressive instincts getting into the passing lanes and blocking shots.  Patterson made some very nice plays around the basket and it was overhead in the gym that he likened to a young Brandon Ingram at the same stage and age, not a bad comparison at all for the young NJ native.  

After such an impressive weekend; the battle for his services will surely heat up as he is likely to be the most sought after prospect in the state in the near future if not now – the sneakers wars in the upper northeast have both UA and NIKE making a play for Patterson.  The movements of Patterson look to be very close the vest as we have seen Patterson in both the NY Rens (NIKE) and in the Team IZOD Sports U (Under Armor) uniforms this year and as well in both the gyms practicing.  

A subject of discussion at recent brand meetings; the location of Patterson’s anchor whenever he decides to drop it will in all likelihood sway the balance of power in a market that is suddenly becoming extra competitive with a lot of brands in a very small radius and all eyes in the city are closely centered on Trey Patterson.

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