Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Show Stoppers ~ Are you not Entertained?

The country finally got see the Tommy Anderson and Ryan Conway take the floor together.  Both veterans of the USA National Select system neither had played in the Red, White, and Blue together until this weekend and as a pair spark flew as both put on amazing performances leading the team to the semi-finals of a loaded Basketball Spotlight Clash for the Cup field.

Ryan Conway averaged 25ppg, 5 rebounds, and 1.5 assist as he continued to wow the nation with his prolific scoring exploits that were highlighted by a 28 and 27 outbursts.  Ryan is most often defined as a scoring combo-guard, and while he has the ball skills and capability to play the point, he's in his natural habitat when he's looking for his own offense. Conway is a big shot taker and maker. He is a shooting guard by nature but can also make plays when he slides over to the point. He can get to the rim in addition to his deep range and it an under rated passer as well. He has excellent instincts to go along with a good feel. Ryan is strong and athletic and is capable of taking over the game scoring wise. To his credit Ryan has improved his assist numbers and rebounding and deserves credit for adding to his game.

Scouts all over the country note that he simply puts the ball in the basket. He has good size and is probably not finished growing. He's already a terrific prospect and with his ability if he can develop his point guard skills he'll be a terrific prospect beyond high school.  With a amazing work ethic our money is on him to do so!

Tommy Anderson dropped anchor on the east coast and came out the game swinging catching a body and dropping 24 in the first game.  He has a phenomenal frame (great core strength) and he is as explosive as they come. He can slash his way to the rim at will and his body control is excellent. He can rebound in traffic, lead the break, and either finish above the rim or drop off a nifty assist.

Defensively, he has the length and active hands to be a devastating defender at the next level.
His decision-making has improved and he has started to limit his flair for the spectacular. He can hit the 3-point shot with range and does so well off the bounce; he has a short memory and is programmed to put the ball in the basket.  Anderson is a physical specimen who plays with a high motor all the time.  

Tommy is a terrific prospect coming in ranked #6 in the class with off the charts upside. Once he puts it all together and learns to pick his spots on how he affects the game he has a chance to be real good at the High School level and beyond.

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