Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oakland Soldiers Major Addition Makes Claim for #1 in 2020 for Years to Come

The last 3-years of youth basketball began a transition where the focus on the identification,, development, and recruitment has become paramount.  The sneaker companies want more, want it sooner, and regional market leaders are making their push in conjunction with NIKE/UA/Adidas Leagues.

Along with the leagues there are a series of yet to be announced events that will also increase the focus on the younger up and coming players; specifically those in the middle school age group.
The Oakland Soldiers may be the biggest winner to date; as rumors have been confirmed that the nation #2 ranked player (#1 on some boards) Arizona’s 6’9 forward Jason Harris is now part of the 2020 Oakland Soldiers. The Soldiers whose roster already contains the nations #1 players in combo guard Kyree Walker and the #7 shooting guard Shemar Marrow now have 3 of the top ten players in the country who all translate skill wise, size wise, and position wise to the next level. 

Where in the past you rarely see players within a circuit program matriculate from the 7th or 8th grade level to the 17U level; especially within the same program – this occasion is almost a guarantee.  The situation also remains ideal as this specific team unlike some of the nation’s other top teams/programs the Soldiers have not stockpiled players.  When facing the Soldiers look forward to seeing this 3-headed monster for the majority of the minutes – there are no 16 minute a game platoons with this group as the focus is squarely on court time, exposure, development, with trophies and wins moving behind those goals.   

With 3-Top Ten National Players in the starting line-up (4th started is rated #45) the Oakland Soldiers must be considered the #1 Team in the class of 2020 this season and will likely be in that conversation for the foreseeable future.


Kyree Walker:  Walker continues to become more efficient with the use of a dribble moves and is becoming moe consistent behind the arc without sacrificing his inside game. He has triple-double potential when he stays in attack mode at all times.

Shemar Morrow: Morrow is a versatile two that is tough, competes and when fully engage and turned up his motor and feel for the game are second to none – bring this every time out is his current biggest challenge. His explosiveness is elite and he is the ultimate finisher, when he adds a consistent perimeter jumper and as he continues to learn the game his development takes a huge leap forward.

Jason Harris:  Put Harris in any camp setting or AAU game and he's going to dominate - His power, athleticism and aggressiveness are absolutely off the charts, as his understanding of the game and general fundamentals continue to improve Harris is one of the rare cases who may be able to make the same impact in terms of performing on an elite status immediately on the high school level and potentially beyond.  

The three of the players are all have high major potential and the requisite size as middle schoolers, they complement each other in terms of skill set, and they have one of the most experienced and powerful programs in the country backing them…with hard work, good health, and a dedicated effort in the gym and classroom these tickets will be punched and punched early.  Remember you heard it here first.

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