Tuesday, November 24, 2015

6-foot-10 Charles Bassey P2Ball.com #2 Prospect 2019 - Shows the Middle School World What the Next Level Looks Like with MVP Performance

Charles Bassey continues to impress claiming MVP honors in 1st HS Tournament

Many players come through the middle school ranks with aspirations of excelling at the next level, earning a high major scholarship, and a very select few have the dream and the requisite talent to make it to the professional level.
We are not talking about a 6’6 center who plays bully ball who doesn’t translate, we are not talking about a athletic wing with point guard size; we are talking about a 6’10 talent with a real shot at future stardom.  He hails from San Antonio, Texas by way of Nigeria – he has been in the states less than 6-months to date but has already made a name for himself on the national circuit by those in the know.
He is Charles “Big Ticket” Bassey; former coach and current basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla after viewing Bassey stated that “He takes your breath away”.  So one might think that with the influence of sneaker companies and the pull of powerful AAU club programs such a talent would be playing at a national power – to the contrary Bassey’s path St. Anthony Catholic High School in Texas, NOT the NY/NJ power one might first think when hearing the name.

Why does it sound crazy that such a talent be given time to adjust to a new country and a new culture before having to deal with the pressures of being a basketball star or the “next big thing”? The answer is rhetorical in nature – at 6’10, with a skill set, functional talent that transitions, a frame that is built for the game and begs to be further chiseled. Players like this who make sense can allow the 6-foot, 3-men and the 6’6 power forwards who have maxed out their size and keep adding to their youtube highlights opposed to their games to have all of the lights, cameras, and action their days are close to over and his is simply just beginning.

Charles was still playing soccer when he was 12-years old standing 6’5 and had never heard of youtube, camps, AAU, and had never touched a basketball for that matter. Now having had the opportunity to see him in person and understanding the circle, training, and group that he handling his development his time is clearly on the horizon. He will be a secret no more – as will be the case as the years go on at every level, new talent will emerge seemingly out of nowhere as grade school stars who believe they have already made it disappear into oblivion. Bassey calmly made his high school debut less than a week ago dropping a triple double of 20-points, 10-rebounds, 10-blocks in front of unnamed NBA scouts.

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