Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sterling Knox - A Star is Born in the City of Lights

BY: West Analysis
Prolific Performance Basketball

West Coast Analysis confirms “Coming Straight out of Las Vegas Sterling Knox”  is one of the best in the class of 2022 and deserves National recognition.  When you see him play the very first thing that comes to mind is VISION. Knox has a Magic Johnson style of play where he makes everybody around him better. His unique ability to see the play before it happens keeps him one step ahead of the defender.  With his head always in radar mode scanning the floor looking for his teammates makes him the player who makes it all work. He has above average ball handling skills that gives him an added weapon that controls the pace of the game. The vision combined with the ball handling skills allow him to play the game in angle format dicing through the gaps getting to the right spot for the right play. This combination was put on display at John Lucas Future of the Game West –Las Vegas when Hoops Scoop Clark Francis voted him #4 2022 player behind Top #3 National ranked player Bryce Griggs of the entire camp. Scouts certified Knox for having very good ball handling skills, quick and very good court vision.

The second thing that comes to mind is THE FINISHER. Being the son of an elite Coach and Trainer Sterling Knox Sr. of All Vegas Basketball Club he has an IQ well beyond his years. The kid plays the game the right way making him a leader among his peers. Sterling allows the game to come to him while preparing the table for his soldiers to eat. He is a gamer that elevates a players game no matter  their level of play.  He understands the small things like hitting the player in stride and ball placement on the pass. This was proven at the Big Foot Hoops Las Vegas Live during tournament season. His spectacular 30+ scoring performance made the Top 10 ESPN LIST at #6. Knox lead his team to a triple overtime by knocking down 10 straight free throws. This exciting game ended in a buzzer beater win by the #1 team on the WestCoast  San Francisco Rebels over Knox Vegas team. He scores in a variety of ways but his go to is The “Floater Game”. This unique shot comes out of his hands from all angles on the floor confusing his opponents with how to defend it.  The quick first step is D1 like which gets him past the first defenders easy. As he lands among the trees a highly elevated unstoppable floater rotates through the clouds for a 75% chance splashing into the basket. 

The third thing that comes to mind is SCORING MACHINE. If the team needs a bucket Knox gets a bucket. He has the ability to score the ball in multiple ways complicating the chess match most coaches build the play book on. He finished the National season leading his team to the Final 4 in Las Vegas Live and Final 8 in Fab48. The combination of these characteristics and the ability to win at an elite level influenced Prolific Performance National Player News West Coast analysis to visit the potential National candidate for a weekend in the city of lights with a star. Knox starts his weekend off with Friday after School intramaurals. He grabs a bite to eat and heads to his longtime Coach and Elite trainer Sterling Knox Sr. All Vegas Basketball Club program for 3 hours of D1 type training where Jr is always the lead example for every drill. Then from Late Friday night after training  until late Saturday night he played 4 games in a 24 hour period. This is where all the talk, all the rumors were confirmed by basketball experts. Coach McCall was quoted saying “His level of play exceeds my expectations at the 2022 level”. P2bball WestCoast Analysis  rates his vision as superior and best seen at the 2022 level. His ability to finish was rated as ELITE and his scoring was evaluated as DOMINANT. Jr. Played all three middle school age groups 2022,2021,and 2020 in this 24 hour period. On the 2022 level he was the best on the floor in every game on every play. A weekend in the life of  Knox started with a nail biter loss where Sterling led his team from being 25 points down. Less than 12 hours later played another nail biter this time winning  a close one at the infamous Tarkanian  Basketball Academy. He lead his team in points, assist and minutes played.  It was interesting to see when you thought he maxed out how his level of play increased with the competition  during  the class of 2021 and 2020 games. He was the scoring machine in every meaning of the word. An outstanding offensive performance from every possible area on the floor.  If you play him close his superior ball handling and quick first step makes him a guaranteed finish at the rim and/or free throws from line where he is an astounding 92%. If you play him loose he will kill you with the lethal three point shot. If you are bigger and stronger he will float you to an island and bring out his floater game that is golden. Scouting services reveal this kid is a national talent who deserves national recognition. The nation is on watch because Knox says “He got Next”.

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