Wednesday, September 2, 2015

STOP!!!! Timmy Time - West Coast Guard Has Bright Future Ahead

Timmy Anderson has spent the entire season playing with a target on his back; hailing from Nevada Las Vegas the youngster achieved a national profile traveling the country and performing under the proverbial microscope – with all eyes on him he proved continually that he is ready for the big stages and lime light afforded the nation’s best prospects.  

An overall solid prospect who projects to be a point guard as he gets older Anderson has a diverse skill set and as a lead guard who also possesses high level scoring ability - does a phenomenal  job of running the show when the rock is placed in his hands. He has good size and length for the position at this stage and his feel for the game is at a high level as well. 

Anderson pushes the ball on the break and does a great job of advancing with the pass or dribble with great pace – this is one of his very best qualities that will become more apparent and valuable as he progresses in age and plays with more experienced players that can take advantage of his vision and passing . Athletes with excellent court vision who can also make shots are worth their weight in gold at any level and Anderson is that guy in the 2025 class. Anderson can knock down open shots and impresses with his range shooting a mechanically correct shot especially off the catch for being such a young player, we see flashes of the ability to creates space for his shots – but we are most impressed by his uses of a variety of dribble moves to get him to the paint where he can finish, drop off to the post or kick out to an open shooter.

We realize the class of 2025 is young; but monitoring of elite level talent must begin as soon as possible to identify future talent and the star of tomorrow.  Anderson isn’t a tomorrow kid, he is a star today who should be on any list and consequently near the top of them as his overall talent level rates as on the best in class level.

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