Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ops He Does it Again - AJ Hoggard Caps Off Stellar Season In Impressive Fashion

AJ Hoggard has had one of best and most productive years on the circuit as any player in the country.  The stud PG has played in every championship game, winning the large majority of every single event he has entered as a member of the Team Melo/Terror Squad and then heading out west to get some run in with WCA.

He played in the Middle School All-American Game where he was named team MVP; as followed that up with another MVP award this past weekend at the NYBL All-Star game.  He concluded his weekend with a selection to the Buckeye Prep Showcase Top 20 Game; but had to depart early – his way of sharing the spotlight with someone else.

Arguably the top PG on the Class of 2020 he has earned it through a body of work and resume that few can compare to.  As a player Hoggard is a talented playmaker with an instinctive understanding of how to put the ball in the basket. He's a big time slasher whose driving style translates very well to the next level. He's smooth and is improving his athleticism as he is begin to lean up and focus more on the development of his core and body.  One of the best with the ball in his hands AJ has a crafty and deceptive handle when used to attack; at times he will fall in love with the highlight reel move and has gotten the crowed on their feet on more than one occasion with his extreme creativity.  Yet will locked in and in guard the quick first step combined with the big game experience he will get you a bucket when its needed.   

He has no wasted motion in route to the rim wants he’s going downhill, going through the lane with long strides and playing in straight lines all while being able to make quick adjustments in his course as secondary defenders step up – his moves on moves counters are some of the toughest to guard. He can rise up to finish above the defender but also has versatility as a finisher, making good use of his long arms and strong left hand to convert at a variety of angles, and also relying on a very good short pull-up game.  With all the talk of his proficiency on the offensive end; he is most potent when passing, dishing, and facilitating he could drop 10+ assist every time out if he truly wanted to with ease.   

Check out Hoggards latest exploits at Ohio’s Buckeye’s Prep Showcase below.

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