Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hoops, Heart, & Hustle Jalen Cone Continues to Get the Job Done In Impressive Fashion

North Carolina has top players in the country in every single class up through the high school ranks; the production of elite level talent is not anything new for the Tar-Heel State.  Earlier this year P2Bball.com introduced you to the ultra-talented Jalen Cone and his growth trajectory has continued upward to a stratosphere where only the best of the best live.

Cone who was selected and performed admirably in the Middle School All-American Game also was named as a top 3 performer in the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp cementing his place amongst the nation’s best in his 2020 class.

Cone is listed as a shooting guard but he can play all three perimeter positions during a game – Cone handles well enough to move to the lead guard position, and is athletic enough to at this level to guard most 3’s.  He has a great frame and is an explosive athlete who moves well laterally and displays a solid push pull game and is effective when changing direction and powerful on straight line drives. He is a highly competitive player and great teammate and citizen who can affect the game on multiple levels which includes but isn’t limited to scoring, making reads, being a leader, and making his teammates better. 

Whether it's rebounding in traffic, facilitating the offense, or taking the scoring load on his back Cone has the tools and mental capacity to get the job done.  Very complete with a package that translates to the next level; look for a Kemba Walker/Shabazz Napier type player as he grows and projects- a strong lead, with elite scoring ability.  At 6’2 we are talking about a certified problem maybe Jalen Brunson like….can’t wait to see what Cone becomes whatever it is we expect it to be the whole truth, and we know that many won’t be able to handle the truth!

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