Wednesday, September 2, 2015

“Connecticuter" Jakia Proves That If You Can Play P2 Will Find You

Known only as Jakai on the player registration the Connecticut prospect who has never left the state arrived to Maryland having never played on the national stage.  He recognized no name, he gave as good as he got, he played with no fear and as an end result Jakai proved on the floor that he is one of the most talented players not only in the Mid-Atlantic area but also from a national perspective. 
Standing a long and lengthy 6’2; the combo forward showed unbelievable pure athleticism; doing amazing things off the bounce – Jakai displayed one of the quickest 2nd and 3rd jumps we have seen at some time.  His length combined with his jumping ability has him already finishing at the rim.  As well these same tools make his a defensive stalwart with recovery ability as a primary and secondary defender.   

Solid mechanics, a killer work ethic,  raw talent, and a diverse skill set that must be honed further in the gym Jakia has big time potential written all over him and is a player that must be watched as his days of flying under the radar are almost over.  This is one of those kids who will be a high school star but his days of being an unknown are gone as he proved he belonged by his performance on the court at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp.

Jakia is a coast to coast threat in transition and he doesn’t take a second off and excels when the defense falls asleep and he is always on the move.  Jakia  is one of the most unique players we have seen in the country in some time. He is a wing-type with point forward skills. Although not as polished as some of the more seasoned circuit players, he has many of their skills and does them naturally, least not forget to mention his toughness as this is a category that other must measure themselves against with respect to him – Jakia becomes the measuring stick immediately. 

We love that he can post up smaller guards and utilize either hand while finishing. In addition, he can break his opponent down off the dribble and locate the open man. However, his most potent trait is rebounding in traffic at both ends. His jump shot is playable, but it needs to get better to keep defenses honest at the next level. Defensively, he gets into the grill of his opponents and can physically wear them down. 

Jakia has a nice upside and an intriguing all-around game, if his jump shot can continue to improve and his growth meets what it looks like it will viewing the shoe size and hand size – at 6’4 to 6’6 get ready for a college to write a check for a 4-year deal, period dot; and you heard it here first on


  1. My nephew!!! So proud of you!!! Keep up the good and hard work!!!!

  2. I know Jakia and he will put 100 percent into all that he places his body to do, he was raised in a good home and also with a wonderful grandmother who installed Bible principals from the holy word, so you go on Jakia God got you all the way.