Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chase Ellis Real Players Do Real Things

Chase Ellis has performed impressively the past few years with the framework of the team concept.  You can clearly see his analytical approach to the game; Ellis not only respects the game he respect the process.  You can always count on Ellis making the right play, the right pass, and giving maximum effort not just every game but every possession.  

As a person, if rankings were listed for this aspect we are talking about the #1 kid in the nation.  Out of Georgia Ellis is the most respectful and coachable players we have seen on the circuit.  The consummate teammate his approach to the team concept, game preparation, and on court in game actions is pro-like – he doesn’t come to play he comes to take care of business.  There are no smiles, no playing around, he takes the game serious and it shows.

For many the appreciation of Ellis game hasn’t received its full due; as many have questioned if he is a product of a system versus being independently talented and skilled.  Ellis arrived at the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp with an extensive resume but still had much to prove as a independent player taking the floor with the most talented players in the country without a system or teammates familiar with what he does, where he wants the ball, and where he will be.  

What ensured was beyond impressive as the 6’4 Forward from the “Dirty Dirty” showed that he doesn’t just bring a lot to the table – Ellis brings the darn table.   Chase has become that prototypical 4/3 that has coaches and scouts alike intrigued about his potential. He is the latest example of the saying, "it's not where you start off, it’s where you end up." His frame oozes potential with extremely long arms and he is country strong which allows him to power through contact and finish on the glass.

We liken Chase Ellis to current Villanova forward Kris Jenkins, who is a similar type player; Chase is also an excellent rebounder who combines great feet and hands and welcomes contact. He'll knock down the perimeter shot but his bread and butter is 15-feet and in where he is lethal. Very solid off the catch and shoot; we were also impressed by his ability to put the ball on the floor and how well he ran and finished in transition.

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