Saturday, August 8, 2015

2020 Class Going All the Way to Evans

6'6 SG Che Evans - Team Melo (MD)

With the national camp season upon us and the 2015 national rankings on the horizon, in what had previously been a 3 to 4 horse race in the class of 2020 there are now legitimate questions about who the future standard barer will be in this class. While the usual suspects on the West Coast Shemar Morrow, Jason Harris, and Kyree Walker are in the conversation; the East Coast has picked up their third piece; seemingly out of nowhere adding to superstars Cameron Byers and Terrance Williams – Che Evans of Maryland’s Team Melo took the world by storm at the recent CP3 Camp and seems poised to make a run at the #1 spot. Analysis documented this possibility previously but some questioned the validity of the claim – not anymore as professionals proved again they know better than pundits. While there is still a lot of basketball to be played namely the Middle School All-American Game, the Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp, and the Buckeye Prep Showcase & NYBL All-Star Session the next superstar(s) to carry the class will be on display at most if not all locations – those that don’t compete without the benefit of their systems and teammates can only expect to succumb to those that come out and prove they can stand on their own. There are not looking for dunkers or athlete’s any longer; as that list is long and deep; everyone is playing above the rim now – the name of the game is skill set, IQ, and the ability to play within structure – we are not playing in the sandbox anymore its big boy ball.

A top program Coach working the CP3 Camp speaking on the condition of anonymity said about the aforementioned Che Evans:

“He is paying his dues right now, playing where is he has to, to prove he is what they say he is" he further stated. “But, of course, after seeing him in this environment: Who wouldn’t want to be in his position? After he proves what he can do in THIS class he has the potential to be and/or eventually became the guy in the class of 2020; he is a piece you build a program around, he translates.”

Proof of that translation was verified at the highest level as reports of high major D1 offers as an 8th grader were verified as true; who and what are we talking about? can show you better than we can tell you!

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