Monday, June 15, 2015

Ten Takeaways From NYBL Championship Weekend

1. The big names made impacts and played their best games in crucial moments

2. The return of high-level point guard play was present at all three age groups 

3. 2019 class is trending in right direction for high-level players especially bigs and wing 

4.  Discussion and debate can begin for the #1 player in 2020 as Kyrie Walker & Shemar Morrow of the Oakland Soldiers take home Co-MVP honors in Championship Game

5. The best prospect in the class of Class of 2020 may currently reside in the Class of 2019 and the best of 2021 being in 2020

6. True post play and true big men who can play near the hoop exist & are being developed

7. The shoe-company’s (for all three companies) have bright future’s with teams in Final 4’s at all age groups; with NIKE Team Melo & Oakland Soldiers meeting in 2020 Final – could be a rivalry we will be watching for years to come
8. New star were born and will vie for national ranking position by earning national respect competing against the nation’s best

9. The future of the game looks bright and exciting as teams from every region of the country and Canada entered championship Sunday with a chance for the title

10. There is no other league in the country that comes close to the competition, media coverage, and talent level of the ultra-professionally ran NYBL  

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