Monday, June 15, 2015

Keeping and Eye on the Development of the Buckeye State's Isaiah Kennedy

The true definition of a player lie in the number posted in the front of his name; qualities such and skill set and intangibles such as IQ, awareness, ability to make reads both on and off the ball are essential to the long term success of youth basketball players.

So much time has been devoted to the highlight style presentation of players that basic basketball is and has been for a period of time – especially at the youngest level – forgotten.  One of the players that exemplify the qualities that typically equate to next level success is Ohio’s Isaiah Kennedy.  

Steady, consistent, and heady are not your normal highlight film intro’s; but ask any high school coach or college recruiter and they will tell you that those are attributes associated with all the lead guards that they recruit.  There may be better scorers, flashier ball handling antics, and passes that make the crowd go “oh my”.  The question remains is that how many of them sailed out of bounds, how many were actually the wrong read and someone else was available to make the “hockey assist” or a play for themselves.  

So much goes into the evaluation of a player and just as reputations of players and coaches are topics of barbershop discussions; so is that of the assessments of the assessors.  We feel that Kennedy has earned consideration as a top positional prospect nationally.  He has shown on various stages is “takeover” ability at different floor levels.  As well he has consistently made the players on the floor with him better while operating and sacrificing within the team concept. 

Highlight tapes sent to colleges don’t include the latest hip-hop remix, dunks are a luxury as everyone at the highest level can throw one down, and finally scoring prowess is standard fare as all top D1 prospects in their respective environments are “the man” and have been for a substantial amount of time.  Who is special today doesn’t promise they will be special tomorrow; all must stay in the gym to maximize their potential Isiah Kennedy is one that we feel will continue to achieve and ultimately be rewarded with scholarship opportunity.

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