Monday, June 22, 2015

Its Getting Real: Battle Heating Up For the Nation's #1 Spot In the Class of 2020

A battle in brewing in the wild wild west; not for a tournament or a league title – not a battle for who is the best point guard, wing, or center, and not for who is the best on their respective coast even.  This battle is for who should be considered as the nation’s best players in the class of 2020. 

Shemar Morrow vs Kyree Walker

Making the storyline even more interesting is the fact that these players are housed on the very same team, play for the very same program, and recently relocated to the very same state in which they are making this noise.  

With player rankings beginning to be discussed by many circles this is a question that must be considered not just in the class of 2020, but for classes throughout the nation.  With the season winding down for many programs, camp performances and All-Star game performances will be the final opportunity for many to make an impression.

Think this easy check out recent performances by both Morrow and Walker and leave your comment in the comment section with your “vote”.

Shemar Morrow the nation current #1 player in the class; is a long and freakishly athletic guard that excels in transition with his ability to attack the tin and finish above the rim with ease and flare. Morrow is terrific at making plays off the dribble especially inside the arc, shows an excellent mid-range game especially off the bounce, and is also one of the best rebounders regardless of position - possessing one of the quickest second jumps in the country.

Kyree Walker the nation’s current #9 ranked player, took last year’s ranking as a personal disrespect and vowed to stay in the gym to prove to the country he was who he said he was.  Walker recently advised that he was the best player on the court in a game consisting of over 60% of the nation’s top 10 players.  While Walker plays a lot of PG for the Soldiers we project him as a smooth, versatile, skilled wing who is very quickly mastering the art of the middle game. He finishes the break with size and length while he displays the ability to hit the floater with touch and body control.   His handle, passing, and court vision make him a threat anywhere on the floor and the area where Walker has shown the most improvement and allowed him to enter the conversation as the very best, is his constantly improving basketball IQ.

With the 2015 ranking just a few weeks away, one of the best places to earn a national reputation will be at the August 22nd and 23rd Basketball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp (click the photo below for more information); the camp that brought in over 300 of the nations top players in 2014 had in attendance many of the country’s #1 ranked players and some were created on the floors of this camp by proving it where it counts  on the court.

Who will be the next #1 player(s) in the country?  Only time will tell and will be there every step of the way to report!

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