Monday, April 13, 2015

Stars Come Out and Play In Spotlights AC Showcase: There's a Growing Problem in New Jersey’s Trey Patterson

The #3 player in the country in the class of 2021 had a quite start to thef the season but is now coming on like gang busters.  If you wonder why you haven’t heard from one the most publicized reclasses in country – well,   incredibly Trey Patterson was limited earlier in the season due to immense growing pains and growth issues related to another growth spurt that has him as a 6th grader pushing 6’6 already.

From a player evaluation standpoint his growth and player trajectory has changed in a matter of months.  Patterson who earlier was thought to be developing into a dynamic wing prospect  will clearly and without question be able to operate as a Point Forward/Stretch Four in the mold of a Harrision Barns, Dramond Green, or LaMarcus Aldridge.  
The kid has a next level skill set and has a game that translates better to the more structured high school environment.  Already the most sought after player in his home state – the bottom-line when it comes to Patterson no one has seen anything close to a finished product.

He led his team to a 4-1 finish in the 1st session of the NYBL and we had the opportunity to see Trey again at the recent Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase.  He led his team on a championship run in an event that had the best teams in the country in the field.  Patterson who is truly beginning to come into his own continues to expand his skill set – he handles, breakdowns defenders, and is becoming scary adept at doing work in the mid-range and this amazingly enough includes one of the softest floaters in the nation; at that height he is a match-up nightmare with that array of finishes.  Of course the jumper remains picturesque but the increased work he is doing off the bounce just makes his game “gooder and gooder” (we have to make up words when it comes to Patterson). 

To make matters worse for opponents Trey is attacking the rim and has the ability to finish at the tin with authority we have seen Patterson dunking and it likely be a staple opponents will get used to very soon.   He impressed throughout the AC Showcase and with his maturity and realization that he is “the man” that “star” attitude is beginning to develop and he is beginning to look to take over for stretches – but he still is a great teammate and person off the court; humble and gracious.   Patterson was a monster in bracket play in. He dominated the elimination games without forcing a single shot. Repeatedly we saw flashes of Paul Pierce in his in between game. The one or two dribble pull ups both ways with great elevation and follow through has the scouts amazed and salivating. He ran the outside lane in transition and passed with great vison – Trey Patterson has a growing problem and now the problem isn’t just his it’s his opponents and the country.

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