Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CP3 All-Stars Dominates Basketball Spotlights AC Showcase with Skill & Class

Guards are the lifeblood of elite level basketball period but even more so at the elite middle school level – without a good perimeter attack, you're not going anywhere fast and you certainly are not winning the on the biggest stages. That's why it's normal to see most teams rolling with a three-guard attack these days; but no one in the country does it better than the defending back to back national champions the CP3 All Stars.

Making an appearance recently in the Basketball Spotlight Atlantic City Showcase where they went 4-0 on the weekend; the 4-headed monster of the Kobe and Keyshawn Langley, coupled with the tandem of Mike Green and Myles Pierre are clearly and without question the best perimeter unit in the country at the age group.

Here’s The Top 10 Reasons Why:

1)     Conditioning:  One of the most well condition units as a whole the backcourt provides pressure and deal with it with poise – consistently taking what the defense give them and playing with a pace and structure that is determine by one of the best basketball minds in Keyford Langley. 
2)     Basketball IQ:  How many times have you seen players with immense levels of talent that never translate to a structured environment?  Not with this group – all 4 players are extensions of the coaching staff which is also one of the most sophisticated in the country.  Without a shot clock if CP3 has a lead of 3-points or more at the 3 minute mark or less with the ball the chances of winning is slim and none and slim is usually headed for the door. 

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