Wednesday, March 25, 2015



1.      New World (5-0) – Tough, hardnosed, and talented is a combination that few will be able to stop.  With one of the nation’s best in Jalen Hall they are the clear favorite to win the chip
2.      Team Takeover (5-0) – With Johnson at the point and Trevor Keels everywhere their pressure defense and fast break style is going to be a problem for any team to contain and deal with
3.      West Coast Stars (5-0) -  Ty Ty (Tyrone) Washington will be one of the toughest players to stop all season long for opponents.  Great supporting cast and coaching no surprise to their 5-0 start
4.      S Elite (5-0) -  The group out of Canada is HUGE, the team runs disciplined sets and can knock it down from distance very good chance for this group to take the title across the boarder
5.       Bmore’s Finest (5-0) – May be the hardest working group, they come at you in waves and plays the game the full 94-feet.  Pressure on both ends and a killer instinct defines the group
6.      Oakland Soliders (4-1) – The singular most unstoppable force Zion Harmon is the catalyst with him in the line-up they have a punchers chance against anyone in the country
7.      Team IZOD/Sports U (4-1) – Whenever this team takes a loss it’s a shock nationwide, may be the most talented and deepest group in the country they stumbled but look for them to be there in the end
8.      Brampton Warriors (4-1) – Another team from the north that showed immense skill and well-rounded players.   They can pass and shoot and will force you to defend for extended periods of time
9.      Team Teague (3-2) – A surprising start to the year this squad is one of the most talented and well coached in the league look for them to make a lot of noise as the season progresses
10.  Team Durant (3-2) – Two losses by a total of 6-points left them a few possessions from being undefeated, definition of team Jalen Smith, Jake Koverman, AJ Thomas, and D. Johnson are all names you will know by seasons end


1.      Oakland Soldiers (5-0) – Reigning national AAU champs return stronger and deeper
2.      Team Durant (5-0) – 51-1 overall record and top ranked talent at every position places them in conversation
3.      Team Takeover (5-0) – One man wreaking crew Terrance Williams may be most unstoppable force in the age group
4.      Rip City (5-0) – The team is well coached, shares the ball, and defends in the half court – will be a tough out for anyone stepping on the floor with them
5.      San Diego Select (4-1) – Huge point differential and dominating balanced team performances highlight this championship contenders run
6.     West Coast Stars (4-1) – Great guard play combined with a stellar frontline boasting both size and skill has the defending NYBL champs poised for another run at the title
7.     God First Crusaders (4-1) – Quietly put together a very impressive weekend led by forward Isaiah LeBlanc along with added size they are looking to climb the ranking quickly
8.     Team IZOD/Sports U (4-1) – Boast good size and perimeter skill with knockdown shooters; team should be in every game they play with solid sets and good team defense
9.     Mid-Ohio Pumas (4-1) – One of the most cohesive offensive units in the league forces teams to play their style which they do better than many others a team no one wants to play
10.  Worldwide Wildcats- (3-2) – Solid weekend team has the inside/outside combination to be a factor all season long
1.     Team Rio National (5-0) - Completely dominated session I with no one coming within 30-points – clearly opens as the early season favorite to win the crown
2.     Butler Elite (5-0) – Balanced team who plays great team defense and shares the ball on the offensive end.  Anchored by Nobel Days in the middle they will be tough to beat any time out
3.     New World (5-0) – With new national star Karim Couliby and bookend by scoring sensation Jay Heath the DC mob is a force to be reckoned with
4.      Team Texas* (5-0) – Speed and athleticism personified  combined with talent, no squad plays harder
5.     Philly Triple threat (5-0) – Tough defensive minded team that competes on every possession and plays with passion. Solid size at each position and skilled one to watch
6.     Metro Flyers (5-0) – Under the radar team with big time skilled front line with underrated guard play will remain a factor throughout
7.     DC Premier (4-1) – was vying for #1 spot prior to a surprise loss; team is built to win may be no better inside out combination in the league than Price & Mitchell
8.     Team Florida (4-1) – With the big man in the middle and all-world Bryan Saunders on the wing they will be in every game, solid PG play allows them to remain a favorite to challenge for chip
9.     Bmore’s Finest (4-1) – Has everything you need to compete, their will to win may be their best quality tough defensive team and multi-dimensional offensive pieces may be surprise of season
10.   (TIE)Team Teague (4-1) – Great scheme and well run offense makes the talented bunch one of the most cohesive units in the class.  Great perimeter shooting will keep them in every game              
(TIE) Team Charlotte (4-1) – Zeb Graham is bigtime and can take over games for long stretches with ample support and a up-tempo style they cannot be overlooked or forgotten 

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  1. mid ohio pumas beat gods first and west coast and both are ranked ahead of them