Tuesday, February 3, 2015

P2BBall.com Invitational Tournament 3rd Grade All-Tournament Team

The P2BBall.com Invitational Tournament attracted many of the top players from across the country - their Prolific Performances impressed the many in attendance as well as our national scouts.  Its our pleasure to introduce you to our 2024 All-Tournament Team.
Tournament MVP - Jerry Easter (USA National Select)

Jerry Easter (USA National Select):  The do it all PG out of Ohio is mature beyond his years displaying not only elite level ball-handling prowess but also excellent court vision and IQ.  The mix of cerebral basketball and raw talent is rare at such a young age.  When you combine this with the ability to penetrate and finish, score in the mid-range, and solid perimeter shooting you have a future star in the making.  Was best in the game’s most crucial moments making plays for himself and others in route to winning the championship and the tournament MVP Award.

Durral “Phat Phat” Brooks (USA National Select):  Tough as nails two way performer, impacted the game on both ends of the court.  Capable of leading the team in scoring while stopping the best the other squad has to offer.  Multi-category contributor whose will to win is beyond his years.  Finishes well with both hands and is virtually unstoppable in space.  A soft touch makes him a threat anywhere inside of 18-feet with the ball in his hands.  See plays before they develop and is a game changer as passer a skill few at any level can master.  A big combo guard who is going to be a problem for opponents for years to come.

Tyrin“Tugga” Bizzelle (USA National Select):  You can see the future already in the young PG – his path at this juncture is already crystal clear, he is and always will be a pure lead guard.   Amazing pace setter with confidence who can affect the game as a scorer or facilitator from all 3 levels – can attack both ways with either hand, and knows how to create space to operate.  Excellent at setting up his teammates and enjoys the assist as much as putting the rock in the hole.  Great all the ball defender who takes pride in the entire team process; a vocal leader on the court and sideline, a natural leader.   You will be hearing about this name for years to come on youth basketball.

Isaiah Marshall (USA National Select):  Silky smooth shooter scorer can knock it down off the catch or break you down off the bounce.  Impressed with his ability to score off the bounce as well as finish in the painted area – great lateral mover who takes pride in making a difference on the defensive side.  Excellent FT shooter who can multiple positions well and is the kind of player you want to go to battle with championship pedigree with a versatile skill set; the Swiss Army Knife of the 2024 class.

Travis UpChurch (USA National Select):  We finally get to see the combo guard in his natural class of 2024 and he did not disappoint; he has added height, length and expanded his shooting range beyond the three point stripe.  Has the goods to the play the lead but excels as a scorer; the jumper and pull-up are viable weapons both of the catch and the bounce and shows creatively on finishes completing moves that many kids wouldn’t even try.  His presence alone stretches the floor and his solid mechanics and skill set make him a threat anywhere on the court.  Has the mental make-up of a big time scorer with the skill set to match.

Jordan Mabe (USA National Select):  Very impressive skillset – the combo forward worked the baseline, high post, and wing with great effectiveness.  Able to take the ball of the glass, initiate the offense and/or fill the lane – a pass first player who is tremendously unselfish and who see the floor like a point guard.  Phenomenal rebounder and impactful defensive presence as a strong and weak side defender - Finished well through contact and displayed a feathery soft touch.  Capable of scoring significant points each time out but prefers to make the right basketball play as winning is his most important objective.  Passion, IQ, and skill a recipe for future basketball success.

Timmy Anderson (USA National Select):  Star guard from west coast scored in the mid-range and performed well in transition.  Very quick straight-line driver who worked well from the wing and baseline -  the stop and pop showed his natural scoring ability all tournament long.  Excellent on the ball defender with low center of gravity who was impactful playing the passing lanes; this stud is one to watch.

Isaiah Marshall (Detroit Doughboys): Best pure shooter we have seen at this age group, shoots the ball already well beyond NBA range with one of the quickest releases at any age group.  Doesn’t need much space to get shot off and amazingly enough he is actually shooting a jump shoot in the 3rd grade. Pure scorer from anywhere inside half court he plays with a chip on his shoulder and is capable for large and extended scoring outburst. Amazingly talented player has the potential to be legendary in 2024 class.  

Moses Blackwell (Detroit Doughboys):   Already considered one of the nations top guards in the class Blackwell showed and proved why putting up elite level numbers throughout the tournament leading his squad to the championship game where he continued is scoring exploits coming up just short.  Nevertheless he still amazed knocking down the trey ball and attacking the paint – whiles still making an impact in the 5 to 18 foot area.  Another player whose release is laser quick combined with great ball-control is a problem to stop on the offensive side.  Unafraid he is also a heady defender who plays tough on the ball defense and always seems to come out with the rock and lose ball.  Huge heart and great skill set define the elite level talent.

Anthony Saunders (Maryland Finest):  Nationally ranked guard put team on his back stretches; showing all the skills that big time guards need. Scored with the jump shot and off penetration; broke the press and set up teammates while running the show.  Put up numbers across the board doing it all for his squad.  The versatility of his game was tremendously impressive, but was at his best when scoring the rock.  

Mariano “Momo” Tanedo (Maryland Finest):  A natural jump shooter who showed us tremendous scoring ability especially from distance.  Proved that he can handle the ball and run the show when needed he also fought hard on the glass and on the defensive end.  Played well without the ball finding his spots and making the most of his opportunities – this is a player that must be watched as the upside potential is huge.  

Ahmed Zaid (Maryland Finest):  Big time interior presence he craved out space in the paint and made the most of his opportunities.  Stepped out and got some buckets off the catch while showing he could put the rock on the floor.  Made a living in the interior were he gobbled glass and scored off put backs or started the break for his teammates.  Great motor, played every possession, and was a difference maker throughout.  

Jeremiah Gorham (023 Feet):  Highly skilled PG – displayed a versatile handle with moves on moves.  Changed directions well and worked off double and triple moves to score or set up teammates.  Great speed, quickness - competed from tip to buzzer.  Penetrated and was able to pass it in all directions off the dribble.  Capable of running a team as well as getting a bucket – a fresh face whose talent is undeniable. 

Benjamin Hammord (023 Feet):  Scoring guard who showed a lot of versatility in the backcourt; was very effective inside 15-feet using his quickness and one on one move’s to get to the cup.  Showed solid mechanics and a varied skillset – knows how to the play the game and performed on a high level throughout the tournament.  

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