Friday, December 19, 2014 Invitational Tournament: Your One Stop & Shop Tournament Experience – Great Competition + Great Service = UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE

P2Bball Invitational Tournament, District Heights, MD
January 30-31, 2015 
STAY-TO-PLAY POLICY,219494&map&message=message&locationlabel=The+New+24+Fitness+and+Basketball&cid=11188&promptForCheckIn
For your convenience and to ensure a high level of service and professionalism during your entire Invitational Tournament experience the event will now operate as a STAY TO PLAY tournament!

All non-commuting teams participating in the tournament MUST (as a condition of acceptance) make all hotel accommodations using our tournament housing services except for commuting or local teams who do not require hotel rooms. Please do not call the hotels directly.

This will ensure and confirm media, marketing, and participation of each team and allow our efforts to be accurately focused on the committed teams (ie. registered with accommodations confirmed) participating in the event. You may click below to register your team if you have not already done so.

PLEASE NOTE: No monies must be expended at the time of reservation – simply a hold placed on a credit or debit card.

We have worked tremendously hard to provide the highest level of service to our client and it’s with this that we are elated to formally announce the Invitational Tournament has partnered with HBC Event Travel Services, a travel/booking agency with a nationwide reputation for excellence in managing travel for sports events.

HBC Event Travel Services provides an easy way for you to book your hotel rooms with our partnered hotels at the VERY BEST RATES. These rates are always the same, if not lower than, their best available rate and usually includes breakfast for your team.

HBC Event Travel Services guarantees that if the tournament is cancelled due to weather, you will not be charged for any cancellation penalties that you may otherwise have been subject to if you made your reservation elsewhere. This guarantee does not include hotel reservations made after the hotel cut off dates.,219494&map&message=message&locationlabel=The+New+24+Fitness+and+Basketball&cid=11188&promptForCheckIn


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