Friday, December 12, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic Champs Tyler Brelsford & AJ Hoggard Best Backcourt In Country Class of 2020

Reading the sports section or a great sports novel previously served as literature. Nowadays, living in the internet age especially in the world of hoops, it seems to be rankings and top 10 lists that are vogue. Each year, one of the principal discussions in every age group given the guard dominance of the game at the middle school level, is the debate over which team has the best backcourt. The position continues to gain in importance as point guard is now arguably the game’s most important position, akin in some respects to quarterback in football, closer in baseball and goalie in soccer.

The latest version of the debate took place in the class of 2019 and started with the declaration that the Maryland combo of Jahmir Young & Tyler Brelsford were the top tandem.  The duo who formerly suited up for Team ETU who finished 8th in the country and followed that up the next year with a 4th place finished for TTO proved their value and worth on the court given tangible credence to the proclamation.  

One of the other top contenders for that initial title at the time was the duo who formerly ran with IZOD and later with Team RIO; AJ Hoggard and Jalen Gaffney.  Well fast forward to 2015 and throw in the reclassification of both Brelsford and Hoggard, combine with a marriage made in heaven as teammates with the newly formed Slam City Elite Terror Squad and you have a new era in the country just this time at the 2020 level – consequently we now have a undeniable and credible assertion that most certainly will be debated; but is even stronger and more documented than two years ago.

Tyler Brelsford & AJ Hoggard is the top backcourt in the country at the 2020 level.

AJ Hoggard                  &          Tyler Brelsford 

Their credentials are confirmed by every single ranking service in the country with both Brelsford and Hoggard being named as a top 10/top 15 player in the class. The partnership has been something special and seeing them together on the court inspiring.  They each hold the other to a high standard of play, challenging yet complementing each other.  They push each other and demand accountability from each other; they respect each other and their singular focus is winning.  Again proving their dynamic partnership is meant to be leading their squad to a 21-0 start to the season, winning the Tri-State League regular season title, the Agame Supershootout, and most recently the Basketball Spotlight Tip Off Classic.

It’s not as easy as you’d think to determine the “best backcourts” there are several top players individually who can enter this discussion; Jalen Suggs (WI), Rashad McDaniels (MO), Rod Hampton (TX), Caleb Murphy (GA) all come to mind.  But the highest ranking combo documented nationwide and the only one to date who has proven it on the court so far this year are Brelsford & Hoggard.

With each being the definition of a pure point guard; they are able to keep the hungry mouths of premier scorer Jordan Toles, top prospect Isaiah Todd, and the quickly ascending bigs Cameron Byers & Montez Mc McNeil feed; while locating elite shooter Ryan Conway – making them the perfect fit to drive such a high end machine.  But please note they are more than passers as each has shown exceptional development on the offensive end which opposite progressions!  Hoggard is showing the propensity to score in the mid-range and expansion on his trey ball and perimeter shot.  While Brelsford has gain the strength to finish through contact and improve his game off the bounce.  Hoggard has always been a dog in the paint in the teeth of the defense as a finisher and is next level as a passer – this skill set remains and is enhanced with the horses he runs with.  Tyler is still a dead-eye shooter and is only increasing the range on an already deadly shooting touch.  Any thoughts of the other holding the other back has been removed and they should be impervious to that theory moving forward - because while they are both lead guards their games are very different; coincidentally that is what makes them as individuals and as a tandem so special.    

Men lie, woman lie but numbers don’t lie and regardless of the mathematics you use Brelsford + Hoggard = #1 in the class of 2020.


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