Friday, November 7, 2014

Bigtime Hoop Talent in The City of Lights: America what happens in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas Any Longer

~West Coast Player Analyst - via onsite reporter

It was a four day event that included competitive drills, player evaluations, scrimmages, Top 20 All Star game and a travel assignment with Dream Team Elite to compete in the Fall Classic in Garden Grove Ca. There were Top 100 National Rank players in the building (Tommy Anderson #69 class of 2020 and Timothy Anderson #13 class of 2024). This event brought out some of the best middle school and elementary school ballers in the city. Coach Anderson and Dream Team Elite Basketball club along with the promotion from Symbolic Art at Molasky Middle School in Las Vegas, NV provided direction for this event on 10/23 and 10/24 with a tournament the weekend of Nov 1-2 and the final day on November 6, 2014. Major programs participated in bringing the best to compete against the best.

Tommy Anderson aka “CANNIBAL ASSASIN” because of his ability to score a high volume of buckets in seconds, already carries a resume that includes high level elite performances at Basketball Spotlight Phenom and John Lucas, and now the Dream Team Elite Camp proved why scouts, recruiters, and elite coaches have him on their radar. His consistent stellar performances have earned him a personal invite from legendary Coach Francis to suit up in the RED, WHITE, and BLUE and play for the USA National Select Team in the USBA Winter Games in Gatlinburg, Tennessee January 1-3, 2014. Tommy gave us his entire package while leading an All Star cast playing 1-2 grades up in the Swoosh Fall Classic Championship in Garden Grove, CA on 11/2/2014. His massive body structure with lightning speed and superb ball handling skills dominated the scene scoring the first 12 buckets against a High school team in the Fall Classic and distributing unbelievable dimes before losing in the Championship to SGV. Tommy’s competitive nature brought out another high level player Juwan Rohan.

Juwan Rohan first came onto the National Scene with an outstanding performance at the Camp Right Way SouthWest John Lucas Camp in AZ where he earned honorable mention. Juwan’s outstanding consistent play throughout the entire camp exceeded his peers and earned him MVP of Dream Team Elite Camp. Every great player can do three things very well and Juwan exceeded all expectations. Standing 5’ 10” in the class of 2020 he plays the wing and small forward positons at an elite level. He showed us his long range jump shot by consistently knocking down 3 pointers including a buzzer beater to take Dream Team Elite into overtime.  Juwan’s ability to attack the basket from the wing with exceptional body control and dominance gives opponents a headache trying to figure out the chess match with him and Tommy on the wings. In the post, he bullies his way and demands space while eating rebounds and blocking shots. Defensively he reminds me of Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, wearing down the opponents and winning all hustle plays and loose balls. Now as Tommy and Juwan team up for a National Basketball Spotlight Event against top 20 nationally ranked players it’s only a matter of time until Juwan receive his national recognition. 

On the elementary level Timothy Anderson continues to show why scouts, writers and recruiters ranked him #13 in the nation for class 2024. In his young career, Timothy has hardware from the Basketball Spotlight Phenom Camp Top 20 All Star game and the infamous “Mr. Hustle Award” identifying top defenders in the camp. Already leading his team to a Jam on it National Championship along with other multiple league and tournament championships and MVP awards, Timothy recently received a personal invite from legendary Coach Francis to suit up in the RED, WHITE, and BLUE and play for the USA National Select Team in a National Basketball Spotlight event in NJ. He did not disappoint in the Dream Team Elite Camp. He competed with and against elite players and came out victorious every time. The kid is something special leading his team to a Championship win and MVP honors in the Las Vegas Swoosh Fall Classic and collaborating with Jr. Hoops in California to help lead his team to the Swoosh Hoops Fall Classic in Garden Grove, Ca the following weekend, already is compared to the likes of Kyrie Erving. His Coach Eddie Shelby states “His court vision and basketball IQ exceeds all players in his age group, add that to his smothering defensive, makes him a top 3 national player”. His success at this camp was because of teaming up with the MVP of the elementary age group Randy Nance Jr. These two are arguably the best back court in the city!!

Randy Nance Jr. is an unknown with a deep heritage of basketball in his blood line that naturally inhales and exhales basketball. His high level of play earned him the right to line up next to one of the top point guards in the nation and claim the title “Best back court 2024 in Vegas”. Randy’s stellar performance earned him MVP honors at the Dream Team Elite Camp. As a “South Paw” he clearly had an advantage with a powerful left and the unique ability to finish on either side of the basket. He can shoot the long range jumper from downtown and has a quick first step to get pass the defender if they defend the perimeter. Randy has total body control and the speed to explode to the basket and pull up for a 15 footer all net. Look out all of this and he is working with Coach Anderson and Coach Eddie to increase court vision. Athletically, he is exceptional finishing tied 2nd with Timothy with 62 push-ups and finishing 1st in the run in the physical fitness test. Randy Jr support system understands elite basketball and I am certain we will see Randy Jr. shine at a National Spotlight event and break into the National ranking.

Honorable Mention- Middle School              Honorable Mention-Grammar School
1. KeyShawn Hall                                           1. Alex Domingo
2. Tyre Williams                                              2. Jordan Willis
3 .Josiah (Swaggy J) Hughes                           3.Messaiah McLaurin
4. Jalen Willis                                                  4.Demarion Yap
5. Anthony Hunter                                           5.LaRontae Johnson Jr.
6. Nolan Wedlow                                             6.Bryan Sledge Jr.
7. Donavan Yap                                               7.Jahati Bell Jr.


Eddie Shelby/Elite Coach and Professional Trainer- How much gratitude do you get from training and developing Elite and National Rank Players? As a previous Elite Player myself, current Elite Coach and Trainer my expectations are higher than other coaches and trainers. I believe consistent focused meaningful hardwork solidifies elite results. Timothy, Tommy, Juwan and Randy Jr. gives you that night in and night out.

Tommy Anderson/Elite Coach and Professional Trainer- What is it like cultivating the top middle school and grammar school in Las Vegas? With only 3 of 100 nationally ranked MS  players in Las Vegas (Tommy Anderson #69 2020), (Milos Uzan #72 2021) and (Drake Brocker #58 2021) and 1 Grammar School (Timothy Anderson #13 2024) is a low number compared to the number of Elite Coaches, trainers and players in Las Vegas, NV. My overall goal is to help establish a National platform for players in the city that are elite caliber players. As Director of a program in a town that normally doesn’t see National Exposure at this age level it takes seeing to believe. Support systems want to actually see the opportunity before they commit to supporting players on a national level. My program will overcome this challenge and provide a path for the player’s dreams to come true.

How did the first Dream Team Elite Camp turn out? I would have liked to see more elite players participate, but overall the quality of the coaches, evaluators, elite players and facility was second to none.
Why did you present this camp? I have personally developed 2 Nationally Ranked players from the city of Las Vegas, NV. We have several other elite players in Las Vegas that deserve National Exposure with the possibility of earning a National ranking. Middle School and Grammar School ranking matter and if you want that opportunity you have to compete with the best against the best in the nation.

Did I accomplish my goals? Yes, I have laid the foundation for the beginning of something big in Las Vegas. Heavy discussions are on the way about adding a few more pieces to this elite group from the Dream Team Elite Camp and flying out to Baltimore Maryland to compete in a National Spotlight event against the top 20 National Ranked players in the country. In addition I received phone calls from top programs in California such as,  Jr. Hoops Coach Richard and Coach Ron about sitting down at the table to seriously discuss a National Power House. The buzz is on, people are talking and I look forward to Dream Team Elite Camp in December to help discover the remaining pieces to a National Contender.
If you could give advice to anyone reading this article on how to help kids get National Exposure what would you say? First I would say it does not happen overnight. School is first, help them understand early the importance of being a student athlete. You have to have a vision and set short and long term goals while staying loyal to the athlete. There will be sacrifices, doubters and obstacles on the path, use them as motivation or they will kill your dreams. Network and communicate with resources who have been there, done that on a Nationally Scale. Prepare the Athlete for the moment by hiring the best trainers and consistently putting in the work! I have been preparing Tommy and Timothy for their moment for 10 years. Two years ago I collaborated with the best trainer in Las Vegas, Eddie Shelby and developed a plan to take Tommy and Timmy to the National level. Coach Shelby added the finishing touches and here we are today with #13 and #69 and climbing players in the nation.

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