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Agame Supershootout Terrific Ten - 2019 Top Performers

2014 Agame Supershootout 8th Grade Champions - DC Premier

There was exceptional talent on display in the 8th grade division at the Agame Supershootout below are 10 players who impressed on the big stage throughout the event. 

Anthony Harris (Team Takeover) – Proved very hard to contain all weekend long, used all 94 feet to be a threat and to attack.  We see lead guard all day with Harris as he ran the team well in the half court – he penetrated and finished with great efficiency and creative finishes. 


Justin Moore (Team Takeover) – Looked good no matter what role he played this weekend, Moore often look like the best post-up player and best wing on his team, playing a full floor game he scored from all 3 levels, guarded and continued to prove that is one of the premier players in the country.


Marvin Price (DC PREMIER) – The versatile wing was unstoppable at times especially in the championship game, he shot the ball well the entire event, showed great pace, and he was special around the rim and in the paint.  An underrated and willing defender Price also cleaned both glasses and passed well; he affected the game in an array of ways and showed great polish.  His 30+ points in the championship game were beautiful to watch.


Sharif Kenney (DC PREMIER)  – A certified problem, not much anyone in the gym could have done with Kenney this weekend.  Played like it was his job to dominate but was still able to drop some very impressive dimes to his teammates.  Literally can play all five positions equally as well at this level and put a hurting a lot of big names on his way to the chip.

Makhi Mitchell (DC PREMIER) – Nursed an injury the entire tournament but still impressed dominating the painted area defensively blocking or changing any shot that came in his area – looked solid when he stepped out and faced up handled and broke down his man; he passed extremely well out of double teams and was a consistent scorer.  You can see him improve from game to game, showed he has another level as the comp got stiffer.

Makhel Mitchell (DC PREMIER) – Did it all for an already loaded DC Premier team, ran the break and acted as the finished.  Saw the court very well and showed a solid 3 ball from distance.  Looked smooth and confident anywhere on floor with the ball in his hands and was a tough cover and defensive presence.  Contributed in each game to 5 categories and acted as a rim wrecker on one end and a rim protector on the other. With the length and skill combination will be hearing this name for years to come.

Keon Brooks (I10 Celtics) – Played well in transition and slashed well – was a consistent scorer each time out.  Was able to shoot over players as well as get the job done in the painted area.  Used his length to be disruptive in the passing lanes and was a maven on the defensive end.  Unselfish he passed exceptionally well setting up teammates all weekend.   Played tough and hardnosed he got the tough bucket when his team needed it.

Sydney Curry (I10 Celtics) – Curry is built ford tough, his offensive game is really expanding – he showed a great face up package working effectively from 15; he put the ball on the floor and finished with both hands and with power.  Still the MAN with the back to the basket, his soft hands and work on the boards made him a difference maker without scoring. Showed IQ and maturity with his ability to pass out of the post, the jump shot looked good and made him a challenging cover all weekend.  This is a kid to watch as Curry is about to become a household name for those that didn’t already know what we do.

Tariq Ingraham (TEAM RIO) – Powerful presence with major size and strength, there was no back to the basket player that even compared to Ingraham in the tournament.  He was a true post presence dominating the boards impressing with some great outlet passing.  Muscled anyone who challenged him impressed with his toughness and finesse.  Still a baby age wise but standing 6’8 he still has much room to grow which is scary as his simple presence is imposing; when you combine the great footwork he displayed you have a bigtime talent with a big time upside.

Brian Antoine (TEAM RIO) – Antoine was one of the most skilled players in gym period.  The guard buried jump shots, finished with authority at the rim and displayed high level ball handling skills along with great court vision - flat out has the goods after seeing him compete this weekend with some of the top wings in his class. Antoine will be one of the top players in this class when it’s all said and done that was clear and apparent and proven on the court this weekend. Even with playing at a superstar level during the tournament its clear he is nowhere near his ceiling.

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