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Agame Supershootout 2022: Young Ballers Take Center Stage and Steal the Show

2022 5th Grade Champions: Devin Dinkins, Dylan Williams,Jacoi Hutchinson,Jaden Johnson,Jared Turner,Jason Moore,Kennard Davis,Travis Vaughn,Antonio Hamlin,Wiz Rogers

A talented bunch of young baller's brought their "A" games to the Supershootout and put on a show - here are some of the standouts from the weekend!

Jaden Johnson (Elite Coalition) – Was not challenged the entire weekend from a team or individual standpoint Johnson had his way and made his way leading his squad to the championship.  Finished in the paint constantly with an array of finishing moves – a baby Mitch Richmond did it from all over the floor displaying easily the talent that made him the #1 player in the country.

Doug McDaniel (Havoc City) – Beside his running mate Ferrell Crowell McDaniel simply didn’t have enough support around him to achieve team success.  In his role as the lead guard for newly formed Havoc City he shined brightly displaying the well-known handle and distribution ability that has made him a household name.  The one man press breaker and supreme ball-handler excelled on the highest level.  Facing double team at times made it tough on him but he still excelled – the next step for Lil Doug is adding  elite level scoring; with the current roster its all on his shoulders to win.

Jorace Walker (Baltimore Finest) - First exposure to the bigtime tournament and the stage wasn’t even close to being too big.  Walker found his spots and displayed star qualities along the way; excellent on the boards he brought toughness to every possession.  Loved his finishing ability and play in transition – had a tough time getting the ball in scoring positions from his team but made the most of his opportunities when he did.  Clearly a very special player who got better after each game.


Antonio Hamlin (Elite Coalition) – Love the tools, physically, mentally, and of course skill wise.  Thinks game extremely well for a player his age, spaces the floor to pass and attack and the ability to knock down the perimeter shot made it even tougher on defenders.  Took game to the next level in transition leading the charge, facilitating, or finishing – very complete package was on display in the tournament.

Jared Turner (Elite Coalition) – Fresh face Jared Turner turned up on the scene and impressed immediately.  Worked consistently with the one dribble and two dribble pull ups; especially from the elbow area – used the jump shot to open up penetration lanes and displayed a high basketball IQ by taking advantage up.  Turner who has been used to playing on the big stage with the national champions Maryland Finest group showed he has game and versatility with a penchant for scoring the ball at a very impressive and high level.  Also used size and length to rebound, change and alter shots while playing tough defense.

Kameron Rodriguez (Riverside Hawks) – Attacking new school scoring guard the poster boy at the youth level.  As good as he is offensively he is clearly both one of the best on the ball defenders and off the ball defenders as well.  Making it even more special he gives maximum effort on both ends, his next level scoring was once again on display – but we saw some big time facilitation going; Rodriguez is growing up and expanding his game on an elite level right in front of our very eyes.

Jalen Franklin (Banneker Kings) – If it wasn’t for big time Elite Coalition squad Franklin and his team would have likely been playing in the chip.  Jalen who handles the rock and see’s the floor just as well as any player in the age group proved that he must be mentioned in the discussion as a top national guard.  With the ability to play both guard positions he was equally effective from all 3 levels as a scorer and as a facilitator.  Franklin who played the game the right way all weekend clearly showed he has the talent to take over games and did so for stretches.  Knowing how talented he is and adopting a killer instinct take Jalen to elite star status immediately. 

Jason Moore (Elite Coalition) – Does everything you want on the block, dominated as shot blacker and altered the ones he didn’t get to.  He boarded and started multiple fast breaks with pin-point outlet passes.  Great hands allowed his to catch in tight quarters and finished consistently.  Wasn’t challenge throughout the weekend as team strength didn’t allow for double teams – his footwork, ball skills, and advanced development he couldn’t be guarded one on one at this event.  Tough national talent who continues to get better each time we see him; added quickness makes him a certified problem and we see it improving.

Donovan Leak (Banneker Kings) – The consummate PG prospect – we loved his quickness with the ball and his steady role is leading the team.  Clearly see’s the court/game one to two movements ahead and uses his tools and vision to create scoring angles for himself and teammates.   Very unselfish you can see a tough future lead guard developing in front of your eyes.  Showed ability to knockdown shots beyond the stripe off catch and bounce further enhancing his value as a top guard prospect.

AJ Thomas (Unlimited Glory) – Another player most have never seen or heard of, Thomas is an attacking scoring guard who finishes well and possesses a text book picture perfect jump shot.  The ball rotation on his shot looks like a training video; the exposure to this level of play will only advance his development and we expect to be hearing things from AJ in the future.  Rebounded well and displayed a high IQ on cuts and movements; another player who must learn to take over games mentally as the skill set is there.

Christopher Scott (Banneker Kings) – A baby Klay Thompson who loves to create space to launch his jumper.  Loved his handle and attacking ability can stop on a dime and get his shot off, has a scorers game, mentality, and most importantly ability.  Great footwork from a perimeter player who already knows how to come off screens and make reads, very sophisticated and mature guard who also has good size and length.  A very natural scorer and shooter whose game can translate within multiple concepts – a tough cover because he must be accounted for anywhere inside the half court line, impressed all weekend. 

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