Monday, September 22, 2014

P2BBall.COM - 2024 Top 25 National Player Rankings

John Mobley Jr. 2024 #1 Player in the Country 

From top left to right: Tyrik Petway, Travis Upchurch, Laim Lombardi, Tyrin Bizzelle, Jaden Colzie
1. John Mobley Jr. - PG Ohio 
2. Tyrik Petway - G Florida 
3. Travis Upchruch - SG Conneticut 
4. Liam Lombardi – PG California
5. Tyrin Bizzelle - G Maryland 
6. Jaden Colzie - G Pennsyvania 
7. Christian Jones - F Tennesee 
8.  Anthony Saunders - WF Virginia
9.  Jerry "Kid Dynamite" Easter - G Ohio
10. Marcus Blackwell - G Michigan 
11.  Jamal  Ware - F Florida 
12. Jaeden Piece - G Washington DC  
13. Timothy Anderson - G Las Vegas 
14. Percy Miller Jr. - G California 
15. Kent Hairston - F Ohio 
16. Kenny Johnson - F Florida 
17. Isaiah Marshall - G Ohio 
18. Ryan Williams - G Pennsyvania 
19. Greg Lawson - G Michigan 
20. Chase James - G Georgia 
21. Moses Blackwell - G Michigan 
22. Tyler Boston - G Maryland
23. Kwadair Edwards-Alexander - G Delaware
24. Ryan Williams - G Pennsylvania
25. Mohammad Wilson - F Idaho 


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  1. Happy my son is on there but I've been around the 2024 circuit all season and we definitely left some off!!!
    *Phillip "pip" -glory, top 5 easy
    *Tyler Boston -b more finest,top 5 easy
    *PERSEY miller jr- FL niterydaz (master p son)
    *best player for NEW WORLD
    *best player for Minnepotism spartans (national champ)

    My son should probably be 8 or 9

  2. My bad, pip is 2023, p miller is on the list. ..only missing Tyler Boston, Maryland & pgs from new world n spartans, national champs

  3. Ranking 8 year olds is dumb as hell!!!! 90% of these kids won't be on any list as seniors when it matters. Hopefully these parents aren't gassing these kids showing them this list. These kids should only be focused on school and being the gym working on they game. NOT being ranked as an 8 year old. smh

  4. Rankings kids at all ages is political to say the least. I find it interesting that this site would rank Tyrin Bizzle top 5 when no one even knew who this kid was before the camp.I saw Bmore Finest play at Nationals and none of the kids looked like top 5 kids. What place did you guys rank? I know BBall Spotlight is attempting to gain credibility in the basketball world but be careful who you break bread with.

    1. Then if you saw BF play at the Natl's you should had seem ...The #1 team was older then 2nd grade (they bet EVERY team by 20 points or more)., just to damn old to play 2nd grade. 2nd place team was Master P's team-grade exceptions, added players from around the country to try to win Natl championship. BF only lost by 2points to get into the FINAL FOUR.
      Please know your facts before you hate on 8 year old players. What's TOTALLY WRONG is you as an adult blasting a child and a team.
      What are you doing to make a difference in someone's life or your community?

  5. Top 10 Players
    Christian Jones, Tyrik Petway, Mercey Miller,John Mobley Jr, Jayden Pierce, Jamal Ware, Anthony Saunders, Travis Upchurch, Jaden Colzie, and Liam Lombardi or Jerry Easter.

  6. Minnesota Spartans has a extremely good team, however, speaking with kids on the team who said they were 3rd grade which raised suspicion. After doing research, found four players passed to the 4th grade fall 2014. way to old to play 2nd grade Nationals but that's none of my business.

  7. On this list only 5 or 6 of these kids were at nationals. Indiana, Reach, Bmores, Glory, Nightrydas. MIT, Lebeon, Nationals, and whatever else it will be time to put up or shut. Congrats to the kids that made it. And now that some kids have gotten some ink they gotta put up, cuz kida will be comin at them. Good luck and keep workin. Parents at the end of the day the kids just wanna play and have fun, no need to get bent out of shape yet.

  8. Some of.them seemed older cuz they motor didnt seem like a 2nd grade motor. They press was crazy

  9. Ty Virgil C/) 2024 for your consideration: Mixtape

  10. Where's demari larkins Jerome Williams jr. zashon rich from the Spartans

  11. Where is the NY kids? IG taj_buckets ballerslife_123