Friday, September 19, 2014

Buckeye Prep Showcase: Seeing Is Believing - Highlight Video Tribute

The Buckeye Prep Showcase storied and respected throughout the industry; as the postscript to the festivities of NYBL weekend.  In honor of the depth and talent at the Buckeye Showcase below is a video montage in ode to Rob Taylor and Buckeye Prep Showcase.

Jordan Toles (MD) - One of the nations top prospects; the Human Highlight put on a show from start to finish in Ohio.  Proving that living up to the hype is simply part of his skill set.

Balsa Koprivica 6'10 is the top big man in the class of 2019 - all weekend long he performed in a dominating fashion controlling the paint on both ends.  There is no doubt of his position on the court and no doubt in his position in his class.

Look for Sonny Johnson Jr. to quickly become a household name; out of Ohio and son of former Ohio Mr. Basketball - one thing is for sure and two things are certain he will be staying in the gym.  We anticipate a high ranking debut for the youngest as he proved on the court he can get the job done at the Buckeye Prep Showcase.
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Click on the photo above and meet Cameron Gillus and see the game of one the best out there.  One of the hardest working young men we have seen in youth basketball.  Discovered right here on Gillus has stepped out onto the camp circuit and has achieved instant credibility as a top player in the class. 

Zion Harmon remains the favorite to maintain the title as the nations top player in the 2021 age group.  Having been the country's #1 player going on 24+ months his skill set continues to expand.  An extraordinary scorer he has added other aspect to his game making him a bonafide lead guard showing growth and continued work in the lad.

Meechi Johnson, well respected in Ohio came to the showcase with a checklist - his game continues to expand and he looks to obtain his highest position to date in his class.  Johnson is flat out hard to guard and in his match-up with Harmon seen above he more than held his own.  A big statement from Johnson in his home state.

Keon Brooks out of Indiana isn't just a high riser on the court - he is quickly rising up the national ranking board.  Length personified, Brooks has a frame made for basketball and the talent to play it for a long time at a very high level.  Brooks came to the Ohio with a name but was kind enough to bring along his game.  His performance was stellar all weekend long in Ohio.

Marquise Walker has been on fire after a mid-summer visit to Coach Francis and USA National Select.  Along his journey he has impressed the likes of Hoop Scoop Scout Clark Francis. The bottom-line is that all eyes are on him when he walks into any gym.  Lights, camera, Marquise - the Lamborghini of 2019 PG's  Walker arrived to the Buckeye Prep Showcase with something still to prove - mission accomplished as he made things happen for himself and anyone lucky enough to be on the receiving end of is dimes.  The only losers are the defenders asked to guard him - a top ranking looks to be in store for Walker in the coming days.
Click on Photo above & Enjoy the Battle of the Big men see live at the Buckeye Prep Showcase

In what is quickly becoming one of the most enjoyable battles in the class of 2019; 6'10 Balsa vs 6'9 Nobel Days (WI) locked horns again at the Buckeye Prep Showcase.  Each time these two get together is doesn't disappoint.  Having learned of Balsa above; Days is the perfect nemesis a defensive stalwart who blocks shots, finishes at the rim, and runs the floor like a deer.  Gradually we see Days adding muscle and weight to his frame and as he is getting stronger and bigger his game is getting better and better.  We will be discussing these two for many years to come as comparisons to each other - for now call them the two best bigs in country.


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