Friday, September 5, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Phenom Camp: Antonio Sellers He's Bigger & Better

Sellers ranks as easily as the most promising front court player not just in his state but nationally int he class of 2022.  At the Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; the country came, saw, and got some – Sellers was unstoppable flat out and period; topping the 30point mark multiple times in games where subbing was mandated as part of the camp structure!  There was no answer in the gym and there may not be one period at this juncture.

This blossoming wide body combo forward is blessed with size, girth, length mobility, and a soft touch . He is great footwork is legendary and distinguishes him from any other player in the class and no big man even comes close.  Even with his excellent size, legit size mom over 6-foot and dad over 6’7; Sellers is mobile and skilled.  He runs the floor with long strides and catches and finishes on the move extremely well, with a full package of reverses, running hooks, inside hand reverses etc. the kid looks like he has been trained by Pete Newell himself. 

Not your most instinctual shot blocker, he dominates almost on accident and what he doesn't block he changes.  His IQ has him in the right spot almost all the time and due to this he is a game changer in the paint and on the boards.  

Offensively he can step out and nail the 17-foot jump shot and the 3-pointer both off the catch and bounce - and he finishes with force and fluidity all in one in transition. Already a big frame that should have no problem continuing to add mass; he displays a phenomenal motor to go with his skill set. Sellers also has terrific hands, a willingness to go right into contact, and good poise with his back to the basket.

What is scary is that there is no clear position for Antonio at this juncture – he hasn’t even start to sleek down and/or have a spurt of growth – the skill set is high end wing quality. We believe we are looking now at a 6’6 to 6’8 wing forward with high level inside/outside ability.   

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